Thursday, October 25, 2012

September? October? strange ramblings of crazy lady

Hello all! Thought I better update! I know it has been a while! Lots of nothing spectacular taking place! So where to start?? I have been on steroids off and on for a few months for possible Lupus, docs cant make up minds on it. 1 says yes 1 says no, going in for a 3rd opinion! But in the mean time I get steroid treatment which has helped me more than anything I have been on yet! It is amazing what a difference they make. Unfortunately they carry some serious weight gain that I HATE! I managed to stop my weight from continuing to increase, then didnt feel well for a week and gained more. Now I am trying to stop the gain and hopefully loose some. I have never weighed so much. It is hard, and at times I feel torn on what I should do, take the steroids or not. With them I can keep up better than I have managed in years! Like today I made bread, chili, black rice pudding, ran errands, and only took 1 short nap! I am paying now for over doing it, but I did all that plus schooled the kids! Without steroids I cant even manage half that most days! Drives me crazy! I only do about 1 1/2 week at a time, taper off and break before the next round. My hope is that on the off time I can get weight under control better, maybe loose some and eventually be a healthier weight again. 
With "L's" job came the discount at the local fitness center! So we get memberships and have been using it! We usually try to go early mornings, or after work, depends on what shift Larry is on. Some days I go without him. He is doing awesome! Loves his job! We have health coverage, and all that good stuff for a change! And he is happy with where he works over all. He is doing great with everything. 

Kids are doing good with life and school. We been trying to do more projects! I had an old toy wood kitchen cupboard in the basement I wanted to redo for Baby E, as a surprise but couldnt get to it without her. So I had L bring it upstairs and  Emma and I redid it together! She helped me sand it, then paint it(boy painting with a 6 yr old is an event!) We then stenciled and stamped it. It turned out perfect for all her set sets! She is so excited to have a little cupboard to hold all her tea sets she collects. It was adorable. It was fun to do with her. Heres some pics of before, during and after! 
before picture



stencils and stamps


Baby E and chubs cleaning dirt out of shelf

finished her name 

stamps and stencil effects

another before pic

painted 1 coat of white

chubs car he bought himself!
Chubs had earned some money and we took him to dollar store. He bought a wooden model car, like for pinewood durby. He paid for it and was so proud to buy it himself, he was so excited to do it with dad(L) it was cute. The 2 of them worked on it for the parts that he needed help, then he finished it up himself! He did the painting! and had a blast, he also did the sanding on it. Larry helped with glueing pieces together and Chubs did most of the rest himself, with a little guidance from dad. Here are pics of his car! 

put together but no paint yet

bottom of car

painted colorful!

Larry enjoying the sunshine!
working hard on his car

Baby E took cardboard and made a beach village, this is the start the final project was adorable

top of her top shelf on her cupboard!

Trying to think of what else has been happening in life! Loo and Peekachoo are good. Sir N is growing way to fast! I cant keep up with any of them and clothing! We are all doing pretty good over all I think!
potato soup from potato's in our garden!

camping and wrestling!
I have a goofy family!

Videos of camping and playing. Arm wrestling and other goofy things my family does when camping! lol
I am tired and it is almost 10 PM so my brain is shutting down and I can't think of much else to write! I know there was more but who knows what that what was! lol If I remember I will do another post soon! 
Would love to hear from family and friends. Were doing great, enjoying life, each other, being a family, and missing those who no longer live at home. We are trying to get ready for winter and cold weather, ice and snow LOL like we get enough snow here to count as a snow storm! Maybe we will this year!
Any how this is part of what we have been up to. 
Oh I thought of more! Peek achoo has learned how to use several power tools by helping to make the repairs on the house left by fire damage! He has loved it and learned a lot, he took right to the saw! I am very proud of him for learning and helping. It has been cool to watch him grow, and gain confidence through it! 
For halloween we are not staying home for the normal Halloween stuff. I am just not into it, so were going camping! We have rented a cabin at the lake! We will be in it for 1 night, they have power so we will watch movies, eat treats, and enjoy ourselves! I am looking forward to it, ids are as well! It will be different for us all. But there are so many reasons to not be home,it made no sense to stay home when we can start a new tradition and enjoy it! So hopefully this will be the start of a new Halloween fun tradition!
Ok now to end this post for now. 
As always hope to hear from ya'll!
Lady Jae!
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