Thursday, September 27, 2012

ramblings of a crazy mom!

Yes ramblings! you read that right! I think anytime I have written anything recently it ends up being ramblings, and most often makes me look crazy! So I felt it appropriate for this post. So lets see where to start? I guess with potato's!! Our potato's are ready to harvest! Larry has dug up 2 of the plants! We had enough to make a big pan of potato soup! yummy potato soup!

just a few of what we got!

Soups on!
It is perfect timing! We have sick children. Sore throats, coughs, nose issues, just feeling crummy! So soup is a good dinner. It tasted good. 

Okay next up???? 
I had an MRI to see what it would show on my back. I have a bulging disc and a narrowed vertebra that's pinching my sciatic nerve. 
May sound bad but it could be worse. Right now it is not bad enough for surgery!!! Also I need to build my core strength thats shot from having 7 babies, and the last year of limited mobility. If I can strengthen my core I can possibly prolong the time for surgery, or if lucky avoid surgery all together! So how do I manage to exercise in the pain I am in? There is good news there as well!! I saw my Rhumatologist he started me on a new med. It is helping. It is one for Fibromyalgia. And I am amazed at the improvement in my pain. I am still in pain. It does not help anything but the fibro pain, but that's a huge help in itself! So with that I am able to move more! I have decided on a routine to follow and will be working on core muscle. Through all the visits in the last few weeks we have come to the conclusion that my metabolism is shot. So I am gaining weight easier. BIG YUCK! 
My adrenals are shot, thyroid shot, now metabolism. So on pay day I will be purchasing Natural stuff to take care of those 3 issues. No drugs from doc. I am going natural for it! I know I can. My energy levels are terrible between those 3 things and the Narcolepsy. Hopefully with more energy and less pain I will be able to get to a good work out daily and maybe more of life back! 
That's my hope at least.
my goal is to use my inversion table 2-3 times daily for a minimum of 5 min each. working up the time I hang slowly. Then to alternate between T-TAPP, Tai Chi and walking. I did a combo like this before and got into shape fast. So I hope it works again. They are all 3 easy on the body. Tai Chi stretches me good, T-TAPP is therapeutic work out and wont hurt my back. I still have to use the wheelchair for long outings. I do not know if that will change or not. But I hope that possibly I can get better control of my pain.

Ok School for the kids! They are doing awesome so far this year!  We start at 10:30 AM and it works well. The kids break for lunch and some play time then we finish up our school work. Usually done around 4 ish
Emma and Sebastian are craft loving kids! They do crafts almost every day. They are learning very fast! I love watching them grow, learn and catch onto new concepts. Its great.
Marcan Melista and Nic are all doing great. They are learning, growing and trying to find out who they are in life. Teens are hard! Nic is not a teen yet thank goodness!
I am doing good in my school. Have finished several courses!! 
Larry is great! He loves his job! It has been hard to adjust to the funky schedule he has but he likes the company he works for and loves what he is doing! We are working to read scriptures together more! and trying to make sure we read scriptures with kids every day! We started having the kids sing primary song and then reading the scripture that goes with it again. It used to work great, not sure why we stopped. But were back at it again.We do it at night when we have family prayer! and the younger children love to sing so they help us to remember to do it!
not sure what else has happened that's worth writing about recently. Our garden is still giving tomato's, we have potato's still to harvest, yams! and LOTS of different hot peppers! Bubba's peppers took off like crazy! I think that's about it for now!  We would love to hear from friends and family!!