Thursday, September 20, 2012


So its time for an update for friends and family! We have not had a whole lot happen, life pretty much stays the same. The kids are doing good in school! We have not done any fun projects recently, I have been focusing on getting the basics done. I hope to feel up to Wacky Wednesdays soon. 

Aldarion has moved back home! It has been nice to have him home. We still do not see him much since he works weird hours some days, but we enjoy it when we do see him.  

Marcan is doing good, were using a program called etap for his school, along with Khan Academy. He is doing great. He wants to finish school a year early, so we will see how it goes. He is now 16 and looking for his first job! Larry has been helping with math and thats been awesome! He has made progress where I was unable to! 

Melista is doing good. She is doing a variety of things for school. Very eclectic! She is growing into an awesome young lady. She is doing great in school, I love watching her grow and learn and be an independent person. She is still very shy but thats ok.

Nic is doing good, he is using an online school this year. I think it will be the last year. He has been doing it for a few years and has done good but its becoming a pain. He is growing up and is an awesome cook! makes killer home made spaghetti sauce.

Sebastian is great! Growing, learning, some things are finally clicking in his head! I love to watch him learn. His enthusiasm is contagious! He is such a loveable kid and he loves everyone.

Emma is good, no longer my baby. she is growing so fast, I am not ready for her to no longer be my baby, but I guess I dont get a choice. She is no longer a baby. She is learning a lot, learning to read,  and do math and write. I love watching her play. She has a very nurturing side to her.She loves to "doctor" any cuts or scratches anyone gets. She gets out the first aid kit and knows how to use the salves, herbs, and all that stuff. 

Mom is still with us. She is doing ok. No more health issues popping up currently. 

Larry and I are doing good. Focusing on surviving, healing our family, and just enjoying life, and paying bills.

I took a break from business due to my health. I am slowly getting it going again. Very slowly as I become stronger, or try to. We have membership at local fitness center and go work out as often as possible, I also use the Wii fit and exercise daily trying to improve my core muscles in hopes of it helping my pain in my back some. and in hopes of loosing weight that being on steroids caused! I hate steroids!  

In the process of getting my business going again we have redone my web sites, combining them into 1 site for everything. I am getting more traffic this way and more business happening. Also changed the newsletter for business. It is now called "The Cleaver Leaf, Getting to the root of things" Larry came up with the name. I still have the topics I had planned in it minus Wacky Wednesday. I want to keep it separate.  I also linked my autism blog to business, "Under the umbrella and still getting wet" It can all be accessed at  Instead of having a store be a part of the site you can link to my Etsy site through the web site under "Essence Through The Ages"I would love to get some comments and feed back either on the site, the guestbook or email me.  You can sign up for the new news letter on the site or by emailing me at with "Cleaver Leaf" in the subject line. if you are interested in my flyer program to make cash or product/consultations/discounts email me to let me know. You can also put my logo up linking to my site for discounts. Just let me know your going to. 

We finally got snow! LOTS of snow! We couldn't get out of our driveway for a couple days. We can finally get out and were being told more snow to come! Im not even sure I dare try to go to Church tomorrow. So we are doing a wait and see thing.  

I think thats about it. No new pics right now, sorry. I will get some soon. I  do have some of everyone having a Lemonaid(think tea party) with Emma, it was fun. Marcan was very embarrassed but still did it for his little sister, those pics will be up soon!

Hope to hear from friends, family soon. Love you all! I will try to keep up with the blog better, I know I have been slacking badly!

            The Huffman Family