Saturday, September 8, 2012

gearing up for school to start

we are officially starting school Monday with a fair trip! Cant think of a better way to start off the school year! Larry gets to go with us this time! The kids are all looking forward to it.
The kids are doing well.
Marcan has been making salsa from the hot peppers in the garden! and fresh tomatos, until we ran out and I had to buy more tomato's. It is so good and sooo hot! It was perfect for taco night!
He was going to do an online school but jest the process of getting started was crazy enough to make me change my mind fast. Melista was going to as well but neither are. We are going back to the way we used to home school!!!
That has me excited. Since I am no longer a single momma I can focus more on their educations! Doing what I should be doing.
Nic has learned to make spaghetti sauce from scratch, using fresh herbs from the herb garden! Talk about tasty!soo good. He already made it from scratch but without fresh herbs.  I Love the sauce even more.
Sebastian is growing and learning more every day.  He wears his heart on his sleeve still. everything is personal for him! He keeps smiling no matter what and still says "Its going to be a great day" Since the fire in March the kids were very limited on toys, most were lost in the fire. A friends kids were thinning out toys and they decided to donate to our children. I was very touched when I say them giving some of their favorite toys to my children. They did not just pick out what they hated or broken things they gave their best and favorite stuff to the kids. Emma got 4 costumes so the girls play dress up when here, and a tea set that has been used daily! Sebastian was given a little toy tool table! with tools and pieces to it. Its in good shape and he was thrilled. They also gave some nurf guns! So nurf wars are at full go right now! So kids now have some toys, given from good friends. It was sweet.
Emma is doing great, full of life and very happy! Her and Sebastian have been really into crafts these days! I brought out some craft stuff from my room and having access to it has been a good thing! Maybe I'll snap pics of some creations and post them.
Emma cant wait for school to start! I have been busy prepairing for the year. With the recent dx of Lupus I am trying to plan well enough that if I have a flair the kids can continue on with school with little help, and Larry can help when he is home. He is doing great on his job! Likes it and has Sundays off now! Making it easier to go to Church! The only time he works on Sundays now is when he is on nights his saturday night shift ends at 7am. SO those weeks are iffy on making it to church but the rest of the time we can go easier. We recently had ward boundaries change putting us into a new ward. So far I am impressed with the new ward and like it a lot.
As mentioned above I have recently been dx with lupus. This explains a lot. I see the rhumatologist on the 19th hope to know more about treatment plan by then. I am not to happy about the dx but it does explain so much. In a way its a relief to have a solid reason for my pain cycles.
So thats it for life at this time. Were gearing up for school and enjoying it. Og I am doing good in school as well, still plugging away at it!