Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 23rd fire

March 23rd 2012 our upstairs had an explosion we do not know what it is that exploded just that it did and burned a lot. It blew out windows, and made a mess. The slide show shows the damage caused by fire and smoke. We watched the smoke roll from the house for 45 minutes while we watched the fire department try to get the hydrant(that dont work) to work, their trucks that should have had water in the m were empty. It was frustrating. The damage was minimal but would have been worse if they had gotten water on it sooner.
We spent 1 week in a hotel paid for by 3 organizations, we have been blessed in many ways through this. I'll post that in another blog!  I plan on keeping a picture journal of the repairs as we go!! As usual!
So here is a short blog and short update, luckily it was daytime and no one was hurt.