Monday, April 23, 2012

Huffin Stuff, Living Naturally, Holistic Health! all in 1

So its been a while! But I think I will be able to pick up the pace some now! By combining personal, home educating, and business!
I am in need of a news letter for business purposes, to draw attention to what I do and the services I offer, and the products I offer, but not just send out spam and junk, and sales ad's.   I was thinking about all the people who ask me to continue wacky Wednesday, and/or Huffin Stuff news letter. They I got the brilliant idea of combining my business with home school and life! So this is the first of the new  Huffin Stuff, Featuring Wacky Wednesday.  There will be others that feature Funky Friday, or business services, or product, health tips, home school ideas, natural safe ways to clean and get rid of unwanted germs! Possibly a guest writer here and there, and I think some links that may interest readers.
My hope is that what started out fun stays fun! That readers continue to follow, spread the word and help me grow. This will be written and received several ways. Those ways will me through 2 blogs, email, and possibly Face book. Although I am unsure about posting the entire thing on FB, or just a snippet and a link to one blog or another. I have 2 blogs, you may follow one but not the other, thats ok!
So this weeks Wacky Wednesday will be Rock Painting! I have a kit to get us going! But plan on a rock hunt and nature walk somewhere during it. When we are done with our creations as usual I will post new pics!
Next up I know one section of Huffin Stuff will always be Wacky Wednesday! Can not do away with that, it started the news letter.
But what to call the other sections? I was thinking a section on Natural Living from caring for your body and hair naturally to house cleaning Naturally. Ways to make your own cleaners, supplies, places to buy, and other Natural Living type stuff.
Then a 3rd section on Holistic Health Care. Things like preventive care, weight control, diet, nutrition, herbs, tea, Reflexology, and other Alternative Health Care options.
Then finally a Q & A section! You the readers can write and ask me questions about Wacky Wednesday/Funky Friday, home school, Living Naturally, and Holistic Health Care. I will answer the questions weekly. If there are to many questions and I am unable to answer them all I will try to save the unused questions for the next news letter.
So to wrap it up welcome to the New Huffin Stuff News Letter. Covering Home school, Wacky Wednesdays/Funky Fridays, parenting, Natural Living, Holistic Care, and finally Q & A with Lady Jae. Please send all questions to put huffin stuff Q & A in subject line so I know its not spam.
I may not know it all, but if I dont have the answer I can search, or find someone else with the answer. Please send any topics or suggestions you may have to the above email, or leave a comment here!
For Now I am still unsure how frequently this will come out, I am thinking bi-weekly!
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