Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Book Review

I review for BookSneeze®
I am doing a review on the book
"The Sacred Meal
The Ancient Practices Series
By Nora Gallagher, Phyllis Tickle
Published by Thomas Nelson"

I was very excited to get this book and read it. I love to study and read books bout this topic and other religious topics. The cover is beautiful! It made me think in itself. The bok did make me think some about the Last Supper. The importance of it. It is so significant in our lives, the life's of Christians everywhere.
I was however disappointed in the book. I was bored with it most of the way through. I am a Christian, but not Catholic and had hopes of being able to relate to the book, to grow in my own testimony and beliefs. But instead I was left feeling like I was reading about a foreign subject. It was not near as good as I hoped it would be. 
I assume if your beliefs are more in line with the beliefs of the Authors of the book you may feel different. 
It did help me to evaluate how important the act of the last Supper is to me. How much it means to me in my daily life, on Sundays as I partake of the Sacrament. It has made me more aware of the importance, and how sacred it is.