Monday, July 11, 2011

Sharing some of our Summer Fun

July is here and brought unreal heat! Ok actually the heat started early in June, its been icky! We have had a pretty lazy summer so far. not bad though. Kids have gone to camp! As usual loved it! This was Loo's last year of grade school camp, next year its Jr.High! She could have done Jr High this year but did not want to so she didn't! She had fun! Each camper gets a CD with the kids pictures on it and them singing songs! I love listening and watching! And it is such a good experience for them. Oh ys camp would be KBC
The kids come home with a stronger Testimony! Singing Good Songs about Jesus, And happy! Bubba- Peekachu and Boo both staffed and camped this year! I love to know they can and see the enthusiasm it brings when they do. A week serving others, learning about Jesus is always awesome! Sir N was going to go but did not, but has plans to go in a few weeks.
During 1 week I had Peek a chu, and Loo at camp. Since the younger kids are left out and we decided not to even try family camp this year I took Sir N, Chubs and Baby E all camping over night at the Lake near us! it was very nice! I enjoyed it a lot. We got the tent set up! Kids all helped do it, I needed to rest a few so Sir N being his awesome self unpacked the bedding, made the bed in the tent and then I rested a few, while I did that he and Chubs and Baby E all unpacked the van! It was awesome to watch, he set everything up for camping and cooking dinner. We got the fire going and Sir Cooked dinner! It was his first time to cook camping! He did great! and was so proud of himself! I am pretty proud of him as well! Chubs and Baby E helped by stacking the fire wood nice and neat and collecting small twigs to start the fire with. After dinner was done and cleaned up we just sat around talking, looking at the Lake, listening to the noises. When the kids decided that it was time to get in the tent for the night we all climbed into VERY SMALL tent! 1 Man or 2 scout size tent with me and 3 kids! Sir N had made the bed so our feet were near the door and we had enough room side by side that way, but I was folded in half all night, lol! Momma sandwich! Any way we climbed in for the night and had prayer, I had my Android and had downloaded all the Scriptures and Friend magazine for the month! So we laid there taking turns reading scriptures, stories and enjoying it for over an hour! One at a time the kids fell asleep and I read until all were out but me and Sir N. We talked a while and read more and he finally fell asleep!.
Chubs awake early the next morning as always! He peeked out of the tent and there was someone walking the Lake and it scared him, so he woke me panicked. Got him calmed from that and everyone was awake. We started breakfast and hung around a while, then my awesome kids helped clean up camp, pack it all up and load it! and home we went! My mom had taken a jug and pre made our pancake mix for us, it made it so much easier than ever! I am remembering that from now on! Pre make it!
We are planning another trip this week! With a bigger tent that L bought so I could take them camping easier. So we will have the smaller tent if older kids want to sleep in it and the larger for me and younger kids or all the kids. I have an awesome camp chair with a foot rest attached that L bought me so my foot wont be hanging if I sit outside! It is nice! Keeps my foot up so it does not hurt so badly!
We are trying to get in a camping trip a week or at least a few day trips to the Lake each week through the summer. Being so close to the Lake we can go easily. Unfortunately the heat makes it sooo hot that it is hard to do at times. I bought smores stuff for our next trip! Cant wait! I found dairy free chocolate so it wont hurt Chubs or my tummies to eat! I love Aldi's they have it at a good price and its good chocolate.
I just realized how long it has been since I updated here! WOW! We finished a school year, I am planning the next! Hope it will be better than last year was! I have some awesome things planned so far so hopefully it will be good!
In May L was released. He lives about 45 min from us. We are just going day by day. He has made some amazing changes in himself, sorta. Most are not changes, things I always saw in him but he kept hidden. And he now shows all the time, along with some changes. He was very lucky and got an awesome job he loves and is learning a lot at it! I am proud of him. We talk daily, he talks to the kids, they are loving being able to talk to him when they want. We talk a lot, and all thats happened is talked about as well, working through things. I know it has been said I am ignoring whats happened by some, pretending it has not happened. But the reality is that is so far from true! Everything thats happened is very out there, talked about, comes up and worked through all the time. Others would know and see it if they chose to see, talk and give a chance. But everyone has to make up their own minds. We are all good, going day by day, one emotion at a time. I do know that I see amazing changes, and am proud of L for all he has done to make the changes, for taking responsibility for what he has done, and for growing into a better person. Now I wish others would give him a chance to show them the difference, but if they choose not to it is ok and understandable.
This is sooo long, gonna add another post in a few days to add more! For now I hope everyone is having an awesome summer!