Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sabbath by Dan B. Allender


by Dan B. Allender
The Ancient Practices Series

This book gives an in depth look at the Sabbath while taking a unique approach. Dispelling many myths about the Sabbath and showing readers ways to enjoy, and learn to love the Sabbath Day. Very easy to read and understand. Leaving nothing to wonder about when you finish the book. I started the book hopeful that by the end I would find a way to help my family feel better about the Sabbath Day. Instead I found ways for me to enjoy the Sabbath more every day! I had tried to teach my children it was a family day, the Lords day. What I did instead was teach them all they can not do on the Sabbath, which lead to resenting the Sabbath, and Sundays full of arguing and tension. It did not take me very far into the book before my thinking started to change, I started to see things a little different. My thinking before had been "Scripture Study" now it is Getting to know my Heavenly Father and Jesus personally through scripture study. I learned that the Lords day, a day of rest does not mean sitting around doing nothing, reading scriptures alone and with kids. It meant a day full of joy. Heavenly Father does not want us to be miserable. The sabbath is a day of rest, but understanding I had was wrong. its not to sleep, and do nothing but read scriptures. It is a day to rest my Spirit and body from the worries, tension, anger, of every day. It is a day to be joyful, to renew strength and happiness. To find peace, to enjoy my family, my children, to study my Heavenly Father and Jesus in a personal way. To Pray and listen for answers. To let my worries and fears pour out and to be healed, comforted and loved. To find joy for the coming week, strength to get me through. It is a time to let the Spirit fill my heart with a Christ like love and forgiveness for all I know and meet, especially my children. So as I learn these things my mind went to how? How do I do this? And luckily he answers that also! I do not need to do nothing all day! I can do art projects and teach my children of Christ's love, I can study my scriptures in any way I want. I still want my Sabbath to be a family day, but nt just any family day I want it to be a Family Celebration, a Celebration of Jesus and all he has done for me, them , the world. My goal now? Teaching my children this, and more, and enjoying it. I learned we can listen to good music, walk outside, even plant flowers, serve others or each other. We can read scriptures and stories, we can listen to them while doing other activities. Crafts done while listening to Stories of the Book of Mormon can be remembered for a long time by children. Heavenly Father does not want me to sit and d nothing, he also does not want me over doing it. This is no longer a day of rest for me, but a Day of Joy, refreshing for the coming week, filling my cup and my families cup. This book showed me ways to stop focusing on what can not be done. Instead to focus on knowing there is joy to be had every day, not only Sunday, and to do all I can every day to find that joy. Now I look forward to the Sabbath and the joy it brings me through the week. I also never realized how serious the Lord is about the sabbath Day. It is commanded that we have a day of rest, dedicated to the Lord. It is not a request. It is also not meant to make us miserable but to bring us joy, happiness, energize us, and help keep us healthy.