Sunday, March 6, 2011


March is here! March brings celebrations, warm weather, rains, new growth, flowers, seeds and gardens, planting, digging, Birthdays and Anniversaries. It begins the busier part of the year a new season and hopefully more memories! With Park trips to plan, flowers to plant, weeding in the future, play grounds, walks, spring time and summer fun. water parks, sprinklers, picnic in the park and whatever else comes up!

March brings a lot to celebrate! Little loo turns 12 on March 10th. I guess she is not so little anymore instead a young woman in the making. I love to watch her grow and change, maturing into a young lady. She has a sweet, loving nurturing side to her. Fast to help anyone ill or in pain, caring deeply for family and friends, and when she hurts she hurts deeply. She is growing fast. It fills me with joy to watch, and brings tears to my eyes at times. My baby growing, no longer a baby. We are still working out Birthday details but I think it will be a small private family celebration. 

After that is March 12th. I have plans for the day. Its mine and Larry's anniversary. We will be married 13 years next Saturday. There wont be a celebration, I plan on a visit, and the 2 of us will spend what we can of the day together. I hope to be able to make the drive to see him.  I have not spent an anniversary with him since 2006, so while it may not seem like much to most it will be to me.

After that are many other Birthdays through the month. Many cousins will celebrate this year!  The first day of Spring! We have friends who will celebrate Purim and have asked us to join them. It gives me a chance to read more scriptures with the kids, show them where we have similar teachings, books and where we are different in Religious beliefs. I have looked for Dairy free recipes to make to share the Celebration with them. And in searching have found some cool stuff to do, some Religous some not! Here is a link thats pretty cool.

we will hopefully finish garden plans, get the ground ready, and plant when its time. This time of year I find myself thinking of all the fun things I can do with the kids during the spring and summer. Planning how to do things, making sure we are prepared when we go anywhere to stop and play at a park! To make things easier  for me in the summer we keep a blanket and pillow in the van. On days we have outings we make sure to take snacks and water. If I get tired we find a park, stop and play. I rest a while and watch them play. When I feel more energetic we head on our way! I keep a camera on me all the time so I can take pics playing at the park.  Every Spring I think spring is my favorite time of year, thenSummer comes and goes and I am soon convinced Fall is my favorite time of year. So i guess once again its time to start enjoying Spring, the smells, feel, breeze the season brings. For now I will enjoy my Favorite time of the year Spring 

                                            UNTIL FALL THAT IS!

I hope all my friends and family take time to enjoy each season as they come ~That Each Season may be your favorite as it happens

That you can and will take time to enjoy your family  Love them every day and always make sure they know Find time for parks and picnics                                                                                                                                                                            Dandelions or Daffodils 

                                           dance in the bubbles and build memories for the future