Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Have not checked in in a while so I thought I better. been busy with kids and school. Theirs and mine! The kids are all doing good in school. I started feeling stressed over "have we done enough this year" I do it every year. When I sat down looked at everything they have studied, projects, hours, books red I was pleasantly surprised! And the best part is we are not as close to done with our year as most, We started at a different date, October but I put Oct Nov Dec Jan into 1 Quarter, so we have Feb, March, April, then June July Aug, and then if I am not happy Sep, Oct, Nov to finish. We have always schooled year round. he kids will take time off in the summer for camps they go to. The spend a bit of time at KBC, then there is Scouts camps, YW Camp~ YES you saw that YW CAMP again! My Loo is 12 in just a few days! So she gets to go this year! I can not believe she will be in YW! I wanna cry, and sing shout and celebrate her becoming a young woman all at the same time. Such a special time in life, I hope it turns out to be very good for her. The many changes she will go through sadden me I am loosing my baby, yet thrill me to see her turn into a beautiful Young Lady. How can 1 birthday do so much to a persons thoughts and emotions? I know I went through similar with Nanna, but I think it was different in many ways. Not sure how or why.
They are all doing good. Since Sebastian and I have to be dairy free, I cant have sugar, chocolate, and a few other things our diet is sometimes odd. Most of the kids have see what a difference food can make in health and attitude and decided to go dairy free as well. Partly in support partly to see if it makes any change for them. I think this is very sweet. I am writing a column on eating dairy free, and another on Holistic wellness. I'll post links at the end of this for anyone interested. I also have fan page set up for each, I'd love to have more followers at the column site and fb, who knows maybe you will learn something. if you go to Face Book look for Topeka Dairy-Free Food Examiner and you will find me there! I hope to see some there! Here are links to my columns