Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost Christmas!!

Its almost Christmas, another year gone by! kids growing fast, getting older, bigger, adorable as always!
This year we wanted to do it different, try to find a way to make it go better than the past couple years. I had the idea of an all home made gift Christmas. No one buys any gifts we all make them! I talked all the kids into it, not to hard to do. Its been so much fun!!! It has made a difference in attitude, grumpies, everything! No one got to grumpy over the time of year until the last week, and even then its been mellower than usual for the last few years.
The funnest part I think has been watching each child be creative! It has been so cool to watch each one plan and then make! I love it. I sat with all younger children as they listed what they wanted to make, we picked supplies together and then started making. I have been making gifts as well, and am kind of finding a little creative something in myself. Maybe :wanna be creativeness" lol
Many of my gifts include something that needs sewed! Guess what? I can sew but can my machine? Well normally my sewing machine can but for now some pieces have walked away. I hope to get pieces this week so I can finish. If I do not get pieces I am unsure whats going to happen.
Baby E-now 5 and I guess not a baby but is still MY baby, loves to paint. She colors, draws, paints and does it all very good! Chubs is improving rapidly!
Loo is doing good with her Embroidery!. So with a little of various types of crafting everyone has been busy making!
Since the last few years has been rough at decorating time we have not done much yet. Kind of taking it slow. Hope to get it done before Christmas! I know the kids are asking for it finally!
After Christmas I'll post pics of what everyone made!
Merry Christmas !!!!