Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cooks in the house!!!

Yes you heard me, we have several cooks coming up here in the Huffin house! Last night I asked for volunteers and Sir N and bubba said we will. So they could not come up with anything, I suggest some kind of potato. Ok so a Potato dish is is! How i toldem have at it. They did and it was yummy.
They took potato's, peeled, hollowed them out.
Chopped onion, mushroom, carrot, celery, and I think thats about it
they mixed them together and stuffed the potato's
Baked until done! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will be remembering and doing this again. I think what I like most is its from their head. Thinking about what the main ingredient will be and what goes well, and making it work. On their own, I did not help, no one did! This happens a lot. I need to blog more and put it up!

Next Cooking moment was a few weeks ago. Sir N said he wanted to make spagetti, ok cool. We can arrange that. He says "from scratch" no biggie, do it all the time- ha I thought. His scratch and mine are different.
He made a list of what he needed- right down to amounts of each thing. On this list was fresh tomato, fresh green, yellow and red pepper, and much more fresh veggies.
Ok what ya doing I ask, no sauce, canned tomato, tomato sauce at least? He says big "NO"
So I went and picked it up. Now I have to say at this point I was a little uneasy at what we would end up with. We are talking a 9 year old making it up himself, from fresh ingredients.
I am sure other parents can understand the worry, (panic), mind running with endless outcomes.
But I have tried very hard to not stop creative process in the kids.
I got it all home, asked if he wanted help, nope he says. He went to work
When it was done it was so AWESOME he did not make enough. We pigged! it was great! We cant get enough. He made it again the other night and it was delicous!
Little chefs in my house!

We decided to take the potato dish and do it as a breakfast dish for Christmas breakfast!
We will use breakfast foods for it, prep work the night before, and throw in oven come morning! I'll tell ya how it turns out.