Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010!!! been in drafts forgot to post its old!

So this may be VERY long or I may break it up into a few posts, depends on how wordy I get!
We agreed to only home made gifts a while before Christmas. The idea came to me as i was thinking of ways to change it, help everyone stop reliving 2005. I wanted something to keep everyone busy, focused on THIS year, focus on what we are celebrating and family. I spent time thinking, and it was even a goal set with Baby E's head start teacher. I talked to each child individually and they all agreed! So instead of spending money I dont have on gifts I went hunting for crafting supplies. A lot we already had, some things were needed. I was able to make some purchases, the Lord led me right to the right places at right time to get awesome deals I could afford. I pulled it out, with all we already had. Sat with each child to help them decide their gifts. I showed them an awesome list I have for making gifts from a home school site I go to once in a while. Plus my herbal gift books and other sites. We got it all down so no one would forget. And the work began! I had been planning gifts for a while. G-ma joined in the fun. Now in my house finding time alone, with no children to make their gifts is impossible! So I quickly realized I had a problem, and so I began working on projects right in the room with them. They did not know what I was making or who it was for. Next thing I knew they were asking to help me, so sure I say! and some helped make their gifts without knowing it! Sir N helped me paint a shelf. Baby E and Chubs helped paint it also! Sir N was so shocked and excited when he saw it was his gift Christmas Morning! It was so cute, he ran around telling everyone he helped paint his present with out knowing it was his! I loved it.
I made gifts, worked until I could do no more. Christmas Eve came and I was not done, and stressed bad. The kids had been telling me all day "its ok if you don't get done,, we are together thats what counts" I finally looked at them and said will you really be ok if your gifts are not done, I can put what is out, I can put stuff to finish out and finish it and you might be able to help with some. They were great with that, fact is there are a few things to be finished that some are excited to help.
They did get some gifts from Santa (not sure who so if you read this Thank you) blankets, clothing, a toy each. They were happy with that! They were happy with what they got from me.