Wednesday, January 13, 2010

need thoughts and input please

Opinions please! I am setting up a site for women! It will be to help ladies who need to return to work for whatever reason, weather it is work at home or outside the home, or start a business. I have helped many on my own, I want to put it out there for more to get the info I also have the opportunity to offer hosting for websites. I want to offer it at a very reasonable price to women who want to start an online business. I need a name! So here is where you all come in I need suggestions I need it short because if you buy hosting through me without your own domain it will have my site at the end. I am thinking I will abbreviate the name for that. So far suggestions have been:

 Helping women Help Themselves 

 Ladies Run your life 

 Let life help you work or 

Support family from home or 

Stay at home mom=work at home mom,


 FSFH - financially stable from home 

Family finances from home- FFFH

Stay at home~work at home~play at home 

Stay play work at home or


 None of these really hit it for me, so need ideas. I really want to gear it to helping women stay home to earn money so they can be with their kids still. Help!  Need ideas for web site name!

Winner gets their choice of~~~~~~~~
Gift Basket from my business or 1 free naturopathic/nutritional consultation or 3 months free hosting or 25% off hosting for as long as you get it from me! or 25% off any of the following I offer logo design, some help with site design- mainly pictures and stuff, banners, advertising products, cards, business cards, post cards and more, things that could be used as fillers. Any way you can pick from any of the above if your suggestion is picked!