Monday, November 23, 2009

come see sales and business

With Holidays coming up I am working hard to get sites up and going totally! Its almost done! It is done enough for orders, I have product! So I am sending this to everyone in my address book, I hope no one is upset or offended. I wanted to make sure everyone I know sees it! So a few BIG announcements!
Between now and Nov 30th EVERYTHING is on sale! Take your pick free shipping up to 15 pounds! or 10% off any product or service! If the scent you want is not listed contact me, I may have it to do a special order!
There is a gift section being set up, special packaging, wrapping available, gift cards also! All the specials are not on yet but working fast so check back daily! Also if its a product you know I have and you want email me and we can set up sale through email if its not listed yet!

December will bring many specials! Gifts and fun! Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them. If you are looking for something ask I may have it and its not listed, may be able to get it, I know I can fill your needs!

Anyone doing flyers and anyone who would like to start has more options now! If I print and mail to you its same deal you pick from cash back, discounts on product or service or...............
I email to you the flyers and coupons and you print and cut and pass out, then you get same as other way plus! Depending on amount you do you will also get free products, free packaging, services or shipping! Your choice. If interested email me and we can talk specifics on amounts!

Email Promotions! Yes available also! If you link to my sites in your emails and someone purchases product or service you get the credit also! So if you want to do that let me know, I will give you a code so I know customers came from you! You can put a simple link, a graphic, however you chose. I am working on an email graphic to use that I will share when done.
Please pass this around to your friends, family, maybe even an enemy!
My business email is
Web sites are up, almost complete, but orders are being taken and sent out. I would love to get orders early enough to egt them to you by Christmas! for natural Home and Personal Care Products!
Most prices are on, I have no buttons to order on Renaissance. It is such a personal thing to work and help one with their life I felt for now I want you to just contact me, I will email you information for paying. So if interested in service let me know.