Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas update

So its been a while I am slow. Christmas was good. I took lots of pics. I am putting pics from Baby E's 4th B day, thanksgiving, Christmas, Demolishing our garage and other stuff on. Hope to be done over the next day or so. This will be a short post just to share Christmas. More to come later! We had a different Christmas this year. Details later! For now settle for a short note saying it was good. We were together and thats the important part. "L" was able to arrange a program to get the kids each a gift from him. That made them happy. He also arranged someone to buy me a dozen roses, he always bought lowers for me for Christmas. My brother "C" was here for Christmas also!!! That was nice to spend with him. It did not feel much like Christmas here, but it was, and it was ok. More on that later as well!