Thursday, August 6, 2009

August is here!

And with it comes school! We went to our orientation this week. picked up kids computers, got info for this year. I am excited. They will have art class, music classes, choir possibly, plus all their other stuff. I am waiting on an answer on 2 classes. I want their Language Arts and Science to be through k12, the rest through Odyssey. Hope to get a response soon. Sebastian is being enrolled this year. I am trying to set up our schedule for the year. We will do cooking/baking 1 day a week like in the past, History projects, Science stuff, all on 1 day, maybe 2 due to time. I have to work and do school. Our schedule will be up early, school right off, done by 12-1 ish and I work then. In between shifts I will help them with anything they need help. I am also setting aside 1-2 hours a day specifically for Sebastian. He is still struggling but I think he will catch on soon. Thursdays they have virtual art and music class! 1 time a month we will spend the day in class in person with other students! That will be awesome. Choir is being offered and Loo wants it! I have had to buy school supplies(snuck up on me) I managed that fairly cheap- for 6 kids. They will each have their own box of stuff. The next week we will spend getting the schoolroom organized and together for school. Our first day will be Monday the 10th! We always start with something fun but not sure what this year. Have to think fast!
I have my hysterectomy the 14th. Hope to bounce back fast. I had to have another MRI on the hip and back today. Not sure when I will get results, I have an appointment in 3 weeks but doc wants me back sooner so I am waiting for a cancellation to see him sooner. He thinks I have sciatica. So looking for cause. I am not stressing over it yet, will wait and see what he says and then stress!
Over all we are all good. Busy but in good ways. Loving my kids, school is good! Loving the learning, hate assignments but managing them. Got an A on my first assignment! Did not expect that. Thats bout all
would love to hear from family and friends write me write the kids!