Sunday, August 2, 2009

August is here

New month so I thought I would do a short update and share some pics with you all. We are doing good. We have orientation for school next Tuesday. We go in, kids will get their computers, sign contracts all that fun stuff. Get our calender for the year. They get brand new comps next year. Benefit to the program!
I talked to the Seminary teacher about Seminary and Boo. Looks like he should be able to home study. He will meet her weekly, and go the the activities. So it will be good. She was awesome! He staffed the camp last week, they called me yesterday to see if he could stay an extra week to help. I went ahead and let him. He needs the break and after he gets home school starts and he has to go back to helping around here.
Loo had camp last week. I picked her up Friday evening, had tacos in a bag! She had lots of fun. She built a doll house out of card board. I will snap pics later to add here. She had lots of fun. I think this camp has been an awesome experience for them all. They will be going again next year for sure! Bubba stayed home and helped me all week. He was awesome.
here are pics, enjoy!