Thursday, June 25, 2009

not much happening here this week

So far this week I have stressed, managed to get through the stress. Working as much as I can. As of July 3rd I may not be working, may be hunting for a job again. Not happy about that. Putting some pics of flowers, garden and cause I know your dieing to see the mulch pit some of it! its not to gross looking, its just getting going, we are working on it still. This week, or next we are going to 1/2 its size to stack it tighter than it is. Garden is feeding the birds well! they are getting fat and enjoying my starts! I am not thrilled with the birds right now. Need some bird netting but no $$ so i am just feeding the birds for now. Hopefully we get something at least a little.
Chubby saw the specialist this week. Had a blood test done. Looks like 2 options. 1 Celiac disease. The other is a deformed, or under developed colon. They did a blood test for celiac. we will know in the next week on that. Tomorrow he goes in for a test on the colon. They will give him an enema that will go all through the colon and take x rays at the same time to see if its normal. He will not be happy about that one at all. He has had so many enemas by docs already he hates them. Treatment at this point is a laxative, minimum of 1 year. During that time the goal is that he regulates and hopefully everything shrinks to normal size and after a year wean off over a 6 month period. At the end of that time we will see if he can be with out it or has to continue to have it.
He also gets no dair now, rice milk only, no real cheese ands other stuff. So I am looking for alternatives for him. I found a way to make yogurt from coconut milk, he can have that. Doc says no soy milk, almond milk yet, only rice. He is not to happy with this, it makes things hard. We love ice cream here. So we are looking for ice cream alternatives. Hope to know more next week sometime.
I have had a few people ask if I am ok, they thought the blog did not seem as happy as normal. They are right, I am stressed, the worst in the last few years. I am not doing well health wise, and it seems like every time I take a step forward its 2 back, hitting my head into a wall repeatedly. I wont go into details here, to public. But the stress of life, trying to keep up with it all,finances,house,work,daily life, single momma, is all getting to me. I really need something to change, but it wont. I am sure I will get through this and be ok. But the whole thing is getting to me.
Family that rarley speaks to me, new ones I accidentally ticked off, need to talk and see what I can do there, and who knows what else. But I dont want to complain much, it does not help. So i keep going and praying things get better.
Heres pics of the yard, garden, mulch pit and my baby girl! Mostly for you uncle dal, summer pics!
I'll have more of us soon, need to spend a day with my camera!