Sunday, June 28, 2009

LETS ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

yes you read right! But I know you dont know what I am talking about!
So 3 weeks ago our big fridge gave up and stopped working, then the other day the other fridge, old and hanging on for life sprung a leak, no longer working a couple days ago(not going into the embarrassing details on how that happened, lets just say I was stupid)
So today Boo and I roll the big fridge to the back yard, its door down so it cant be gotten into, behind the house. Then I tape the leaky fridge shut, make everyone go outside or upstairs, still leaky when messed with, I had Boo snap pics to show ya all cause AI am a nut! I rolled it out to the fridge grave yard to await transport to a better place!
New fridge arrives! Delivery guy was only to deliver to door, not help bring it in. This fridge is huge, he says " I hope you have help" Um ya me and my 15 year old, point at him, he looks at us and says ok I'll help if you promise not to hold me responsible for any damage if door jam is ruined or anything, my response " I fully intend on jacking up the door!" lol
So he helps, I am so glad he did, I would not have managed it its so big. Its 25 cubic ft! Its used, but in good shape, and new to me. It has warranty, and is paid for!
heres pics, makes me look like I have no food! We do have food just not in the fridge, goping to have to go shopping for more!