Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday here again!

So I am back to work again! YAHOOOOOOO! I just have to manage to get caught up on things. Still working on that. I have not taken pics of the garden yet, will do that today and post them later. I still have a few things left to plant in the garden. No time to get it done. I have several sickies in the house again. I am so tired of them getting sick. Hope they recover fast. Boo and peekachu are at camp all week. Talk about weird! I almost cried dropping them both off. They were excited. Boo was 1st drop off, he was at the main camp. We get there, I drop him and stuff off, go park and go find him. Suddenly he has girls, more than one, and very cute, sweet polite girls talking to him. Telling him they are so happy he made it, he was like "ya I told you I would" I am standing there ready to die, um excuse me, you know them how? They knew you were coming how? Wanted you to come why? When? and how do you know these cute girls? Yes mommy brain fried. I kept it together, calm, composed, none of that actually came out of my mouth. I kept it shut, but when he gets home boy is he getting 100 questions! He is a good kid, for some reason the girls follow him around. I see a cute little boy, not girl material cause he is mommas boy, he is not wanting to be mommas boy, and I guess the girls like him. Its a new stage I was not ready for. Last week ho pops up with "we need a small car" why? I say, "sSo when I date I dont have to drive this big van" I say "Well just throw 3 more couple in and do a group thing!" He says ya that would work. We are going to try to get a small car though, it would save money when everyone is not going. He has till 16 to date, so he has a while. I am sooooooo not ready for that. This whole girl thing is killing me! We have a deal, he is not overly touchy as it is, he hugs me lots at home, on his terms, I dont push, its the aspergers and he is a teen boy. I do not get hugs good by in front of other kids anymore. So if I want a hug it has to be before we arrive, I forgot before camp, so I was hugless! I wont push the issue with him and embarrass him, I dont think thats fair. I wont hug when I dont want to, expecting different of kids is not ok. So I left him, in shock still and headed for peekachu's camp. We get there, had to wait around a little longer. The nurse was not there yet, she has to check each kid before parents leave. So we wait. I am stressing over leaving him. He is old enough, gone to scout camp, but I stress. Since L's arrest he has had a hard time with many things, I am worried. I think he will be ok, but momma worry kicked in big time with him. Got him all checked in, ready to say good by and what happens? My hugger! Yes he hugs in front of others, but no he walked off, no I love you, hug nothing! Walks away! I had to yell at him to just get a good by! So I guess the huggy in front of others has come to an end with him also! UGHHHHH Growing up is so hard. Every time I think I have it figured out they change! Is so not fair! So I pick them both up Friday, same time. I will have to pick up 1 and take to the other camp, eat dinner and head home. Not sure who I will pick up first, probably peekachu. So its a week without them. Loo is watching kids this week while I work. She is a sweetie. She is registered to go another week at camp. This place is so awesome. I am glad for a place they can go, thats safe, good people and not screaming for $$$$ from me to do it! Chubby and Baby E are missing the boys badly already. Its not helping that they are sick. So they are grumpy. Sir N is ok, sick also. He is quiet also. Having them gone is a change, he does not do change. I am trying to keep our routine the same, as chaotic as always!
I had PT this morning. Its week #4. We evaluate progress this week, decide if its worth continuing or not. Its not looking good. She had me attempt one exercise I should be able to do by now, did not happen. Cant do it, not even close. So Iam a little frustrated with the pain,physical crap right now. My pain doc leaves in a month. I will be seeing another, he is more willing to do tests, MRI's and stuff to find out whats up, he is more willing to use more meds, but I am not wanting to do all he wants, like morphine, so not going there. So I will see what happens, I may be doctor shopping.
I am enjoying studying. I wish I had more time to devote to it, I hate having to do it slowly, but at least I am getting it. Right now I am studying nutrition and healing that way, how diets, food, life styles effect our bodies and health. Its interesting. I am trying to work extra to catch up on stuff so I am having less time for studying right now that I would like. But I have to get caught up on bills, pay off a few things. Unfortunatley one of my call taking certifications has been cancelled, the company no longer needs calls taken, so my hours are cut! UGH! Hopefully I can certify in something else fast. Less hours is not a good thing.Its making me a little nervous. I just received the email letting me know. UGH!
So this week its work, kids, study, appointments, work study, kids, appointments. I have a Relief Society thing Thursday night I wanted to go to, not sure we will make it, depends on if kids are sick or not still. Plus thats also Stake Interview night, I need to do that if I can make it to Wichita. So if I go it will be for that.
I guess while I have less hours its more time to study. I really cant afford less hours though, so this is not good. Oh well it will work out some how.
So this is my week at this point. I'll show pics of the garden as soon as I can, maybe today.
Wopuld love to hear from some family and friends soon.
love ya