Friday, June 12, 2009

busy~ busy~ busy~

Yup thats me lately! Ok always! So what have I been up to you ask? Well Today I planted the garden! I still have a few things left to plant, I will do it tomorrow. I cant wait for fresh tomatoes! As usual I planted LOTS of tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, squash and so many other things as well. I know its a little late but thats how things went this year. I started most seeds inside so they are ready to be planted. Some are still small, and I will also plant seeds outside. Then I get things ripening at different times! I am planting my gravel root tomorrow! For gravel root tea! Love that stuff. Also some strawberry pop corn! not a lot but some, going to plant some small gourds also! I planted 3 luffa plants! cant wait for them to be ready. Nothing like scrubbing with something you grew!lol!
Lets see what else- Physical therapy going good. I think its helping! I have not had my hip give out for over a week! The pain is not as bad as I was. Unfortunatley my pain doc is moving! WAAAAAAAAAA so I have to see the other pain doc in his clinic, not to sure on that. I have met him before. I know he wont let me be in pain, he has no problem with medications, he is the one who tried the morpj=hine last year. So I am a little worried, I dont want those drugs unless there is no option. We will see though. The PT helping some. I also seeing the acupuncturist! Thats helping a lot. She has helped some female issues I have had! Makes me happy! She is good, she is sweet. I love that she is willing to work with me on payments.I just provide 3 meals a week. Boo went with me a couple weeks ago, he wanted to watch. It grossed him out. Loo went with me today. She did ok watching. Then S gave a fast massage and had Loo help her, showing her how to do it. That was awesome for Loo, she massages me a lot and wants to go to school for it. I think it was good for her to have S show her.
My physical therapist showed me how to set my 10's unit to work more like their machine I get to use each time there. I use it with wet heat. Every time my hip hurts bad I use it how she showed me with the heat and it helps lot! I did have a pretty high pin level this week, tilling did me in! But thats ok, its worth it for a garden.
many of you know I am very interested in Herbs, aromatherapy, and other natural medicine. If I can use something natural I do, sometimes a doc is needed, but sometimes not. I have wanted to be a master herbalist for a long time, also wanted to certify in a few other things, could not really narrow it down, or afford it. I had found 1 program to learn lots about Herbs at a good price right now but it never felt right. I kept looking, knowing I wanted to go to school and learn more, also knowing the $$ not there. Guess what I found???
A course that covers all I wanted!!!!!!!!! I will be a certified Naturopathic! I am psyched! I will learn:
Nutritional Therapy:
Herbal Preparations:
Herbal First Aid:
Herbs for Women:
Herbal Healing:
Aromatherapy: .
Advanced Iridology:
Homeopathic Case Taking:
Homeopathic Remedies:
How to Do Consultations
How cool is that! Everything I have been interested in! Its a good price, small school, online! I have been looking for a long time for something that fit what I wanted, so when I found this course I was excited! It will take me a while to complete it, its a do it at my pace thing! I have been reading and learning a lot already! I wont get rich, but I will be able to care for the kids and my health better, and I will be able to work with others when done! So I can make some $$ from it when done! I am so excited t be able to learn so much, all the things I have wanted to learn, I have read lots already before even finding this course. I already use some herbs and stuff at home. Part of my medical team includes natural medicine! I am excited! There is some info the kids will learn also!So now on top of working, house, schooling kids, doctors and everything I get to study myself! I know I had so much time on my hands already why not throw in more! I don't know how I will keep up with it all but I know this is what I want to do and what the Lord has led me to do! So You may get sick of hearing what I learn but thats ok ya'll loves me anyways!
I have sold many of my home schooling books this week, selling some music books tomorrow, along with some other stuff, fish tank, dog kennel, bird cages. I have not worked much in 3 weeks so I am beyond short on $$ for bills. So I am selling what I can to try to catch up. At least hope for enough to fill gas tank and make it to Church! I am working again, full time next week, hopefully I will be able to stay full time.
ok so its late now, I am tired so I am heading to bed! hope to hear from ya'll soon
love ya
Mom J