Thursday, June 18, 2009

dinner lunch breakfast all this week

It is way to hot to cook, we have no air in the lower part of the house, I refuse to cook in this heat if I can avoid it. So we are eating fresh fruit, and homemade smoothies! here is what we have done
homemade yogurt
brown sugar
watermelon chunks
fresh ground flax
ice cubes
blend in blender, add each to taste nummy

home made yogurt
ice cubes'
b sugar

fruit cocktail from can
flax ground
wheat germ
nut granola(soaked over night, drained)
steel cut oats(soaked over night)

steel cut oats n nut granols (soaked over night and drained)

these are all delicous, feeling and healthy! the kids lovem I did not use as much ice with the last 2 so they were not frozen, maybe next time I will use more ice so they are
we have eaten these for dinner, lunch and snacks. Kids are also eating popcorn to munch on during the day. We have had steamed vegies, fruit salad, cantalope, green salad and cole slaw along with out smoothies, oh and some ice cream!
I have been drinking these for breakfast. I hate to eat breakfast, but I will drink something. So these are good!
For those that wonder why soak the granola and steel cut oats: Ever notice if you eat much oatmeal or granola you get gassy, bloated a little even. Sometimes worse than other? Its because our bodies cant break down the oats all the way, they do not spend enough time in out tummy. If you soak it for about 12 hours, drain and rinse it it starts the process and your system can break it down, also easier to absorb anything it needs from it that way. So I try to soak or cook all oatmeal, granola, steel cut oats over night to eat. Plus it tastes better I think!
So go soak some oatmeal pull out the blender and make a smootie!

Tomorrow the boys come home! I cant wait! I have missed them so much. its been weird to have them both gone all week long. Its been so much quieter here with only 4 kids! Nanna has been gone also, missing them all! I pick up the boys and eat dinner with them then come home.
I got a call from Peekachu's camp today. It flooded, washed out the road, they took all the boys to the main camp to finish the time. He is fine, but they forgot his meds! The lady calling says "we did not get his meds, will he be ok without them?" um NO or he would not have them! "Can you bring us some?" "no, he has them all there, no I cant get refills, they only refill on certain days, you must be out to get more, you need to find a way to go in and get his meds", shouda to begin with, they have canoes!
So she said they would ind a way to get them, if not she would let me know. So I called the pharmacy, explained, they are working on getting approval for early refills, I am not to thrilled. I would have preferred all his belongings be left and the meds taken, as long as he is safe! But his belongings made it out.
I am grateful he is ok, safe and not freaked out. I wish they would have made a priority of getting meds. I am sure other parents with kids on meds felt the same, I know he was not the only one with medications. Oh well!
So thats it for now, its bed time, I am off to get kids ready for bed and turn n for the night, I am beat!