Wednesday, June 10, 2009

response to comments!

Yup my baby is 18! Brings mixed feelings for sure, happy, her life is changing she has so much to look forward to and do, life is just starting for her, but sad, she is my baby but growing up, she wont need me anymore, at least not the same. Its a weird feeling, well feelings!
I am still young! Now if I can convince my mind of that! I met Nanna at her therapist a few weeks ago, I got there and was listening to my music, loud, I did not realize how loud. I got out of the van and she gave me a weird look, few others did also, I did not know why till she told me they could hear my stereo my the building door before I opened my van door! I was listening to Voodoo by Godsmack! Yes I am LDS, I do Church and all that but still love my music! I am young at heart!
Roy does look like Uncle Chuck! I kept saying that when he was here! lol, I would look at him and be like "wow you look like uncle Chuck, how'd that happen" He is a good guy, I am so proud of him and how he turned out! He is an awesome guy!His kids are sweet. Austin plays guitar, he is good. It was cool sitting outside gabbing, he was playing his guitar! He plays my favorite Pink Floyd song- Wish you were here and he plays it great! Along with lots of other awesome music! Anthony is so tall! He is sweet,he is good with the younger kids. It was nice to see them all. and Ashlee wow! She is the same age as my daughter Melista but does not look it. She is so sweet, she has Roys sense of humor and loves to tease! Marian, not sure I am spelling it right is adorable! Almost 3 and so sweet and cute! Roy and Elesha have good kids, a good family. I miss them already. I wish we lived closer, I never thought we would grow up and live in different states! They wont move here and I wont move there! Hopefully it wont be so long between visits. I would love to go see them, but $$$, my van is costing 90 to fill right now!
We did have a good visit.
Your right Jolie family is soooo important. Time goes to fast, it slips by and we miss things, people, events before we knew it happened. I know talking to you again has made me think a lot about being a kid and teen, and then all the years that went by with out seeing or talking. I wish so long had not gone by. I wish I had more to do with other family members. How is it we grow up, move on in life and dont take the people who mean so much with as part of life? We tend to get busy and forget some always.
Enjoy your boys! They will be 18 before you know it! I am amazed nanna is 18! So weird!