Thursday, May 21, 2009

update on the over ride and life

So today was decision day and they did not decide! Someone is training and it was put off some. I dont know when they will decide, I will try to find out tomorrow. So for now we are still waiting!
Other than that lets see...........
My little brother and his family are coming to visit me tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see them all! I cant wait. I saw E and kids in 2006, but that visit was when L was arrested she came out and took care of me! So it will be nice to see her and kids, and my bro for fun! I cant wait!
I went back to pain doc today again. My pain had gone up more, and I am so sleepy all the time I cant even start to keep up. So I mae an app to see what we can do different. Turns out I have bursitis in my right hip, was dx'd last fall, the doc that decided that forgot to tell me! He gave me a shot in the hip for pain- its already helping!!! And set me up for physical therapy to help stretch the hamstrings and get my hips and pelvic bone back where they belong. We found out the hospital in my town has physical therapy so I can do it here! He also wrote it out that after PT each week I get a massage!!!! I cant wait! So he wants me to go 2 times a week, but wrote the script for 1 time a week until we knew for sure I could get it close to home, so I have to get a new script for 2 times a week. So I will go do that 2 times a week, relax through the massage! and then see the acupuncturist weekly. I have not seen any help for pain with her, but I have had some improvement with female issues!! For the past oh almost year every month I swell look like I am 9 months pregnant, have pain that puts me in bed, but this month no swelling, and minimal pain! She had mentioned the issues I was having on the 1st visit, so she went to work putting needles in the right places, and it worked! She did work on pain this past week, she also worked with me on some yoga stretches to help stretch my ham string and put stuff in place again.
Tomorrow morning early I am picking up nanna and we are supposed to head to the park for a Fairy fest! Bunch of other home schoolers meeting. I hope we make it. If I dont sleep and feel ok we wont make it, I do hope to. I am thinking about going straight from picking up nanna to the park. Have to see how the morning goes with kids.
So thats all our excitement for this week, I think. When I know more about L's stuff and the visits I will let you all know
Oh NO wait! Sir N turns 8 on Saturday!!! I cant wait! He is growing so fast! I cant believe he is going to be 8!