Saturday, May 23, 2009

Park trip today!

Yahoo! We made it! I picked up Nanna and we went to the park! About time I made it to one of the home school park days!
We met some nice ladies! The kids had fun, even those that complained! Chubby had his face painted by another little boy, it was so cute. I cant remember his name, but he was so serious about it, it was adorable! they made some caterpillar things with egg cartons,paint and oh I forget what they are called. (thats what I get for writing at 12:07 am)!
Then Chubby made me flowers for my hair. He was sweet about it. Made sure they were brought inside when we got home. He was very proud of the flowers! Showed them to g-ma! Baby E wore herself out big time! They all did. Boo was not happy about going, him and peekachu both wanted to stay home and get this:
DO SCHOOL WORK! can you believe that? For real, we are at the park arguing, I am saying "we are not going home so you can do school right now, when we do get home your NOT doing school today!" What is wrong with this picture? Parents are not supposed to refuse to allow kids to do school, and kids are not supposed to try to insist! It is my fault, sorta. We usually school year round, taking a week of here and there as we go. This year they wanted a longer summer. I told them when they are done with their school they can have 1 full month, no school. So they are trying to get done. Plus if they dont have their school for the week done they dont get to do fun stuff on the weekend, I made them skip 2 days this week. So they thought their weekend was shot. I wont make them do nothing for the week end, I am the one that made them hang out at the park 2 days this week! Mom needed play time! I had an icky week pain wise, could not work most of it, so I decided I wanted to at least try to enjoy what I could. We do not get to do near as much fun stuff as we used to anymore. Between work, health, school, house, doctors, and everything else that comes up life is different. I think we need some fun, remember what its like to let our hair down and just enjoy the day! So my goal is to go back to 4 day school week! I will alternate my weeks on how I work, or try. But I want to try to take at least 1 day a week and enjoy life, not worry about how much I will hurt later, the next day or whatever because I am doing something, not worry about working, bills(that wont get paid anyway), but just enjoy the kids and all we have. We have so many things around us, we have not done much. We are making our list of things to go see and starting on it! Also Tuesday is Church activities, we have not been making it. I am making it a point to try harder. I am thinking about Tuesday being our day off, maybe hit the city, park, meet more home schoolers, the Y, cow town, or other places we want to go. Then we will already be there for activities at church! I can take lunch and dinner with us, we can just make a day of it. So now hopefully I can keep up and actually do it. I start the PT this next week! I am excited. And one of the ladies I met today does fire cupping. I am going to try that out. Its interesting, I have read some about it, not much. I will be reading more about it. It is interesting.
So I think thats about it. We had a good time today. It was nice to talk to other adults! I am waiting on R, E and kids to arrive, going nuts waiting! I cant wait!
All righty I am going to try for some sleep before they arrive! I will post pics and tell you all about it after they leave!