Saturday, May 16, 2009

prayers please, family fast here

For those of you that have a problem with this ignore it, the rest please join us. On May 21st the committee that decides over rides will be looking at Larry's case, all he has done to get help needed and decide if he can see the kids. This is a one time shot, if they say no there is no other attempt, this is it. The next chance he will have is at release in 2011. He has worked hard, done all his programs and passed very good. He has done more than required, he takes responsibility, and admission, he is honest, open and willing to answer questions to any who ask and care. The kids talk to him on the phone, they also write back and forth. They have not seen him since Dec 3rd, 2006.
We will be praying and fasting from the 20th through the 21st. I am not asking they see him, I am asking the Lords will be done, they will be some how guided to do as he wants. And that whatever the out come we all accept it and are OK. I am truly worried about L, and how he will handle it if denied. I don't think it will be good, I truly feel they will have to put him on a mental health hold again. I am worried. I know the kids will adjust and accept whatever happens. I hope they allow visits, they need it. They talk to him about whats happened, he answers their questions, listens to their anger, and it helps. But I and their therapist feel it will be therapeutic to see him, and help further healing for all. I am calling the Temple to put his name in, as well as the kids. It will be hard for them if its a no, it will also be hard for them to see him, but they want and need to. I know some of you reading have strong feelings, some very against anything to do with him, thats your choice. I hope you can realize forgiveness is required by the Lord for all, and also that forgiveness is actually for the one hurt mainly. I know this has reached many, hurt many, but if the one hurt the most is willing to work through it, and wants to work through it and forgive shouldn't we support that? Maybe try to follow her lead?
Anyway we are fasting and praying. The kids need to see their dad, they need to heal, and I am truly worried and scared of his reaction if its no. He already had one psych visit in the beginning for a suicide attempt when they took his right to even talk to the kids, them giving him the right to talk and write has helped, he has grown and learned a lot. He has changed in many ways, good ways that con only be seen and understood if you talk to him, write to him and are part of his small support system. He deserves the chance to see the kids, more though the kids deserve it.
I dont need to negative feed back on this, I wont go there with any one. I would like to know if your going to pray and/or fast with us please. The kids are even praying and fasting to the ability they can and choose. If you are going to join in I would like to know because I would like to send a list of all who are praying or fasting to L, I think it will help strengthen him, let him know he has people who care and are praying for the Lords will on this.
Missy, I hope your family will do this with us, fact is I was wondering if there is a chance of a group prayer possibly led by Bryan? If you call my skype # it would be on my computer and we could all hear it here. Let me know, and I will send you my skype # if you dont have it. I just feel strongly I would like to have a Priesthood holder lead the prayer if possible. I dont have anyone here to do it, I thought of you and Bryan. let me know please
love you all