Monday, May 4, 2009

a thought! holy cow I have them at times!

So we have all this meat to cook now. My kids eat a lot but not that much that fast, and I really do not eat much meat. Maybe I should have a BBQ and invite people over! Only problem is I dont know any one close by, so who do I invite???
And then theres the cleaning the house for company. and the yard needs mowed and we still have not started the mower, and my dog is a pain. Maybe I should not have a BBQ. hmmmmmmmmm
I know I am going to cook a few nice meals for the couple I am doing the trade work for with for the acupuncture. hm looking at that sentence and its not right! but oh well! I think I am going to have to make Miss Loo mad and make her do school work! She wants to go see friends tomorrow when we go to doc apps. But she has some schoolin to get done first!
I already blew the diet, small glass of chocolate milk! I am sooooo pathetic! but hey I already knew chocolate and milk are 2 things that are not good for me, they make my tummy and head hurt, so really there is no point in cutting them from the diet just to see if they make me sick, I already know they do! And if I am dumb enough to drink/eat them then I can deal with the migraine! But chocolate is so worth it, especially if its good chocolate.
Guess I better find the self control and behave myself.