Monday, May 4, 2009


Dont know who, dont know when! But someone, some how unplugged it! I went to the acupuncturist this morning. Come home from a fun filled morning of needles poking me, questions and energy massage! Nothing like a needle in the for head right between the eyes to get ya going for the day! So she poked me, and did a little energy work. We talked about my um diet- eating habbits,, my skipping breakfast and lunch almost every day and picking at my dinner. So she puts me on a cleanse of sorts, cuts out LOTS of foods. I eat this restricted diet for 1 month, my breakfast ans=d mid morning snack now consist of this berry flavored yuck! In a month I start introducing foods a little at a time. The whole point is (according to her) to check for food sensitivities, see if its part of my problem. I think its just torture, needles all over in me is not enough I guess! She was able to pick up on some health issues I have with out my mentioning them, so she may know what she is doing a little. So anyway I get home, mom says "got something to tell ya" I am thinking great who do I have to beat! The deep freeze was unplugged, almost everything thawed! WAAAAAAAAAAAA
So we will be doing some bulk cooking. The couple I feed in trade for the needles to be stuck all over me will have lots of meals delivered soon!
I also received a couple treats in the mail!! A homeopathic for my adrenals, and a tincture for them also! Maybe I will get some energy! They are nasty tasting! Why do they have to make things like that so gross? If its good for ya it really does not have to be gross!
SO we will be cooking away! I am not feeling any better from the needle torture. Hope it helps eventually. I will go a few times before I give up. If nothing else it gives me a couple hours of quiet, no kids, to just lay there and be lazy!!
So yesterday was Sunday. We went to Church, made it the whole 3 hours! The boys had to talk to the Bishop, that went well. There is a youth Temple trip coming up. After Church we went to a members home for dinner! It was nice to actually meet someone in the area and talk. They were very nice and we enjoyed it a lot. The kids had fun. Baby E and their daughter- same age, b days 2 g=days apart had so much fun. Baby E loved it! Maybe she will go to Primary next week! If not oh well she will hang will me in SS and RS, or the hall, wherever I go. The others all had fun. We had Taco Salad! Always a big hit with my kids. We got home, it was bed time. Everyone was tired. Loo gave me a long massage with clove oil! It felt awesome. She really has a natural talent for massage, and she picks up on where the pain is easily. She rubbed for almost an hour! It helped, when I first woke up this morning I had minimal pain. I was working an early shift and suddenly my right shoulder and neck decided I am a gimp today! They hurt still. When I get a break I am going begging for another massage!
Tomorrow we have med checks and I see the specialist over this curvy spine of mine. I hope he does something to help. I really have to much to do to slow down. I dont have time for the pain and its really annoying me, no actually I am just flat out ticked off! I did get a blessing Saturday night. I feel good about the needle torture and doctors I see. I know I am in good care. I also know I will never be totally pain free, but if I can at least have energy to keep up, that will take the adrenals working right, and have a little less pain I will be happier! Or maybe be able to accept my limitations? na no time for limitations here!
OK TRIED THE HOMEOPATHS AND TINCTURE FOR ADRENALS! ewwwwwwwww YUCKY! It dont get much worse! Its worse then the berry drink needle woman has me drinking! GAG!ICK! SPIT SPUTTER! It better help! If not I am sending in a complaint, that is some truly nasty stuff!
Well I have 15 minutes till I have a break! I cant wait to talk Loo into a massage. I need to come up with lunch from my list of foods I can eat! We are making some bread with rice flour, oat flour(YUMMY) and well I cant remember what else right now. Typical bread stuff. It will be bread!
I am going to set up a different blog on Aspergers. I am trying to come up with a catchy name, but not coming up with anything. If anyone has any ideas let me know! I need suggestions! HELP MEEEE!
Ok love ya all!