Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sick baby girl

My Baby E is sick! I dont think its to serious but she is miserable. I dont know about other moms but I know how I feel when one of my kids is sick. For some reason it brings out a more sensitive side of me. I think I take a different approach than many. I try to go more natural. Soar throat- they get garlic honey. They love it, it sooths the throat and the garlic help fight any bacteria in there, and it does it fast. Then out comes the Eucalyptus oil, mis it with some olive oil, and depending on whats on hand, today its Deliverance oil. Rub it on the chest, neck, back and most important the bottoms of the she has has several good massages tonight as I work the oil into her tiny feet, and back and chest. A few drops of the herbal sinus drops I have for the nose. Her nose is draining down her throat and gagging her. The drops will clear that right up. And a little baby Motrin. She is asleep again, on my bed. Hope she sleeps better for what time is left to sleep. We have been up off and on all night.
I know lots of other moms do it different ways, and thats ok. We each have our methods of treating and caring for out babies when they are ill. I have done lots of reading, have lots of good friends who have studied, A couple master herbalists, a holistic doc, and aromatherapists. So I have lots of good knowledgable people to help. And if I feel like thats not enough, not doing the job for whatever reason we can always go to the pediatrician.
Recently I and a few close friends were accused of not having a testimony of the Gospel due to using "alternative medicine" Boy did that get me going, my worst side ended up going. I was told its magic, and many other things. Trying to explain that no its not, herbs were put here for the use of man by God got me nowhere. This person did not want to listen.But in the end he is not worth the stress, or arguing, lowering myself to his standards. I know what I believe, I also know many times the Lord guided me to use more natural approach. I am not against medical doctors, I think it all has its place. Preventive care can go far for keeping the doc away, for keeping a person busy!
Well my baby is asleep now, I am going to go lay with her and catch a few zzzz's while I can lol its 5:32 AM, wont be much sleep. Later I'll update on my doctor app yesterday.