Friday, May 1, 2009

oh and a question for my readers

I am constantly giving info on Aspergers, links and things I have learned dealing with my children, also the Tourettes. I am trying to put all the info together in one place. I cant decide if I should just put it all here, or start another blog for only that stuff. So I would like your opinions. It would be open to anyone if I do it in another blog. It would make it easier to read the info, no sorting through everything else to find it. I could have the links to info in 1 place. I could set it up so people can ask questions and get their answers- if I know. So tell me what ya think, either email me or comment here. Put it all here or in a different blog just for AS/tourettes/attachment disorders/anxiety disorders/bi-polar/DID and the other issues we live with. I am no expert, but I have a lot of resources. I am giving info to others a lot. Each time I do I have to go through all my stuff and send it on. With a blog for it I could give a link and its easily found.
I also would like to know what interests you in the disorders/syndromes? Specifics please. I know some of the obvious, but sometimes I run into odd questions. So new blog or here? and ask questions so I can try to cover anything I know or point people to the right place to get answers. I am leaning to a Blog that is separate. I can organize it easily.
Love ya all