Friday, May 1, 2009

Poke me please!?!?!?!?

Ya I HATE needles! So what have I done? Well at the suggestion of my doc I am giving acupuncture a try! I met the lady I'll be seeing last night. Did a book full of paper work! I swear she asked more than most doctors do at a 1st visit. She is thorough! I filled out a questionnaire that cover every part of my body, bones, muscles, digestive, lungs/heart, adrenals, female issues,pain, urinary, and more. She will go over all the papers so she can help me more starting next week. She will be working with me on diet. Not in the typical sense of a diet, but just eating right, finding foods that cause a problem for me. I already know me an chocolate is bad- insta migrain. Sure do hope she does not find anything else I like and should not eat! Monday I will see her for the 1st treatment. I have to keep a food diary for 4 days. Thats scary! Not that I over eat, if anything I under eat. When I do eat its usually a healthy meal, but I dont eat regularly like I should. Guess I'll work on that!
My kids are freaking out over it, they have even tried to forbid me to go! LOL! They are picturing gigantic needles sticking in me, blood all over and extreme pain. After I have been a couple time if they continue to spazz I may see if I can take them 1 at a time to see. Just the older ones. I dont know if this will help, but its worth a try!
I will giver her a try, I also see the new pain doc next week. Between the 2 maybe something good will happen. I'll be working more. They have let me know they are going to enforce the required hours for each certified call. So For the one I will work 15 a week, and the other 20. May not sound like a lot, and I do need the hours, actually I need more. I have been trying but my pain levels have been making it hard. But I am going to have to manage somehow. Its only a total of 35 hours a week. Eventually I plan on making it to the 40 a week mark. My doc is not happy, will be more unhappy later but unless he wants to come support the kids he cant say much. Waiting for disability is just not an option, I have kids to take care of, bill to pay, house to fix, and we need a life.
I have almost decided to cut my hair again, almost! Maybe............

Lets see its May 1st! We have 2 birthdays this month!!! Chubby turns 6 on the 12th!! He is excited, so am I! Not sure what we are doing for it yet. And then Sir N turns 8 on the 23rd!!! He will be of age to be Baptized! Unfortunately he wants to wait until Larry is out of Prison and can Baptize him. Thats not a good option. Larry wont be released till 2011, and then he has a couple years Parole, and then he can start working his way back to holding the Priesthood, if he chooses to when he is out. It will take him a long time to do it. Sir N could be 14 or older before being Baptized then. I hate to see him wait, we don't even know that Larry will ever be able to do it. I am trying to find a way to get him to want someone else to do it. Unfortunately unless its a family member he loves I don't think it will happen, and since all family lives a min of around 5 hours away and wont make the trip for it thats not an option. BUT if any of you family members that could do it are willing and able please let me know, maybe you can get him to do it. I wont force him, or even pressure him. I will gently talk to him, continue to try to help him understand the importance of it, and wish someone in the family would come out and do it. I will be praying about it a lot this month, I think I will even fast about it. This is one of the few times I really wish we had family close by to help. The boys especially could use a man to take an active role in their lifes, guide them, answer boy questions and all that. So will any and all you Priesthood holders please consider coming out to Baptize him, or maybe just call him a few times and talk to him, try to encourage him??? Please???
You can email him at my email, or call him. Let me know if you need the phone #.
Not much else going on right now.
I have been talking/writing to my cousin Jolie! Its been nice to get a glimps into her life, see her family! We had not talked in years. Its made me remember lots from my childhood. Things about her and other cousins. I remember her coming over and practicing playing the flute! I dont remember if she was any good, were you? I cant listen to ACDC with out thinking of you, it was played at a birthday party- I think 16th but not sure. I can remember spending time together, parties and playing pool as teens.
This made me think of other cousins I spent time with as a child and teen. So many fun things. But as we all got older we drifted, went separate ways. I dont know why in some cases. In some I do know why, but I wonder about everyone often, think of them, pray for them and would love to hear from them. Sleep over, parties, camping, and so many other things. I have loved seeing a little of Jolies life, I wish I could talk to other cousins more, be it by phone or email, even snail mail would work! Its been a long time since I have talked to most. I moved away, and honestly pulled away from family in many ways. And as we age we sometimes just grow in different directions, forgetting to say hi, check in once in a while, drop a note or whatever.
Just going on with our lifes, the business of the everyday world. I wish I could keep in touch with all my cousins, see how they are, hear from them once in a while. Maybe even the aunts and uncles!
Well I have things to do, hair to decide what to do with, and since I have to keep a food journal I better eat right, make it look better! What sounds good?
Probably home made yogurt with a touch of brown sugar, ground up flax, oats, and bran! YUMMY! Maybe a little vanilla! Ya I think thats what I will eat!
love to hear from you all! Write me, email, comment, call, whatever!