Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aspergers- living under the umbrella~!

or in the umbrella, the whole crazy spectrum! I keep running into people with aspi children. I am amazed at how many are around, before my son was diagnosed I never noticed, now its everywhere! These awesome, loving children, who are thrust into a society that cant deal! Yes you saw that LOVING! I know most people think of autism or aspergers and think of children or people who do not want to be touched, and while that happens its not always the way it is. I have found my boys to be very loving, hug-able and caring! You have to give just the right pressure when hugging, not to soft not to hard. Also dont just grab either and hug them, ask first, or wait until they approach you! Thats the best, my 7 year old Sir N gives the greatest, tightest hugs! I love it!
I am always learning about my boys, the do's and dont's. They are always changing also. I am putting together a list of sites for aspergers and autism that are my favorites. For right now I am going to put them into a post all by themselves, until I decide how I want it done. I want them easily found. I think I am going to start blogging more about the adventures of being a mom to an aspie, and well all the other variety in my home! I do have a variety! We have aspergers, tourettes, a yet to be narrowed down tic disorder, ADHD, Bi-polar, depression, anxiety disorders,Agoraphobia, PTSD and then we get to the physical stuff! but for now I am focusing on the emotional stuff. With everything the kids have gone through in the past couple years they have a lot to eal with and process as kids. They are in therapy to help them learn how to process and deal. Its not always easy.
so for now here is a short list of sites I like to visit! Enjoy, get a glass of milk, bottle of water, or whatever you like to drink, kick back and read. Learn about these awesome people, who are thrown into a world that does not fit them, expected to change and fit in, and how you can help them accept who they are, and love them no matter what!

my most favorite:

another awesome site:

this is a book, if you can find it and read it it is awesome and helps understand better than any book I have found
also a list of other books, some are good. Geeks Freaks and aspergers is awesome