Friday, May 29, 2009

ypdate on L and visits

this will be short
The decision was made, they denied visits. The kids will not see him for now. They probably wont until after his release. We do not know why only what the answer is. So now I am working with the kids accepting and being ok with this decision.
L is ok, he was very upset, started getting down and attitude. I told him he is not the victim, the kids are to pull his head. They have to deal on go on with life, so does he. He did not like that but oh well.
Thank you for all your prayers. The kids need them. They are having a hard time but will be ok. I have explained its to protect them, and made sure they know its not to punish them but to punish L. He is the one that committed the crime, that hurt another, they have done nothing wrong.
I'll post more about life in another life