Friday, May 8, 2009

Fruit snacks, fruit rollups YUMM YUMM

So yesterday i tried out the dehydrator for the first time! It was interesting, fun and a learning experience!
Heres what I made:
#1 took 2 jars apple sauce, 1 can pears, mashed in blender, put parchment paper on rack and poured mix on it, spread evenly, put in dehydrator

#2 2 cans drained peaches, 1 can pineapple, blend, add cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, pour over rack,

#3 4 banana, 1 can pears- blend

#4 pumpkin mix like for pie with out eggs, only a touch of milk, spooned into little round dots all over the rack

#5 pears, spices- cant remember what use your imagination

#6 baby carrots- Baby aE and Chubby put these on a shelf, carefully arranged them

#7 grape tomatoes- arranged by chubby and baby e also, these are still not done. I did not know I needed to par boil and remove skin first, so they are shriveled slightly, not sure what i will do with them
every thing else cooked until around 2AM, about 18 hours total. This dehydrator has 2 heaters/fans. I did not realize that and only turned 1 on. I also only turned it on medium, not knowing anything, all guess work. I discovered the 2nd on switch late afternoon, turned it on high, turned them both to low when I went to bed. I woke up around 2 am and took all out but tomatoes
they are all yummy. Ok the bananas not so yummy, we could all skip them. Next time I am going to take notes as I go, and I am going to try more soon. I am going to move the dehydrator, it puts out LOTS of heat and makes the house hot. Its worse than the oven! I like the peach the best! They are good. the pumpkin I think I should have made thicker and cooked less time, maybe a touch more sugar. but they are good.
I did not get to do the Orange Julius ones, I will try this week