Sunday, April 19, 2009

my Sunday ramblings, not saying much,mainly playing

Hello everyone. Hope you had a great weekend.            

Chubby and Baby E helped Gma make bread pudding tonight! They had lots of  fun doing it I took pics of them with their master piece when done! I made bean and cheese burritos for dinner. Very simple meal. Cook 2 pounds black beans with onion and garlic in crock pot all day. Dran well and mash, fill tortillas with bean and cheese, roll and bake for a few so cheese melts. They are better when I make the tortillas but I did not do that tonight. They are good. I usually make them when I have cooked a roast, and shred some and make beef n cheese also.    I messed around playing on the computer and blog. I did not make it to Church, my back was hurting to bad.  I think my new rule is I am not allowed to do anything on Saturday, then I don’t hurt so bad Sunday and may make it to Church again!     I have missed more than I like to miss, more than I usually miss in a year I think. Or at least it feels like it. I am really needing my Sunday fix. We have not made it to anything since our move, its hard for the kids. It is frustration. Maybe next week. 

oh ya I forgot, Baby E has started calling Bubba her peekachu, so from here on out (aside from when I forget) bubba will be referred to as The peekachu! Its so cute when she says it, "come here peekachu, I love you" "I need my peekachu. I'll put pics of the bread pudding cooks and masterpiece tomorrow. Bt for now I am thinking I am heading to dream land! I hope to make it past 12:30 tonight! I work tomorrow so I really need sleep!  Loves to ya'll drop me a not, IM, Email, phone call, however but keep in touch!

Love muchly                                                                                             Lady Jae