Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shovels and dirt and flowers, and hey its SPRING!

mumblings and mutterings of a VERY bored mom at work! So if I make no sense, sorry, feel free to skip over, but make sure to watch the video!So Today is Tuesday! I work part day, then I have a doctor app. going in to see if he can do something different for my spine. Doubt there’s anything new but gotta try. Tomorrow I only work a couple hours in the morning. After that we are heading to a park Earth Day with some home schoolers. I think we will take a lunch maybe. I really need to get my garden done, but until I get a little more pain control it’s not happening. The hardest part will be either digging or tilling. But I can’t do either right now.Kids are doing good.They are keeping up with school for the most part. I am going to try to start doing the letter of the week with Baby E and Chubby. I used it with the others and they loved it! I had forgotten about it until yesterday when I read something about it. I know chubby will love it. The kids had started to slack a bit on school, so I have had to tell them that come Friday if the whole week is not done they don’t get late night. They do not like that idea, but oh well. School comes first. I have taken Sir N’s and put it into folders, labeled them Mon- Fri , so it’s easier for him to know what to do as far as his paper work.I know we are all ready for summer break. We normally don’t take the whole summer off. But I am thinking we may at least take a full month off this year. Not sure yet. I do know I am ready for a break, so are the kids.Nanna is doing ok. She is job hunting still. She is doing ok. Boo is good. He works hard at his schooling. Bubba- oh peekachu is doing good also. Baby E walks around singing “I’m a gummy bear, I m a gummy bear, gummy bear gummy bear” It is so cute and funny. Cracks me up. If you have never hear the song check it out. She sounds a lot like it when she sings it!She walks around singing it and calling for her peekachu(bubba) you can’t stay mad or down around her, she is too funny! She is sweet and loveable big time also.Chubby is quit funny. He has an imagination that’s unreal. I don’t know where he comes up with the stuff he does, but he keeps us laughing also. In the morning when I do my T’ai Chi he comes in and does it with me sometimes. He will put his arms in a circle and say “hug the tree I am one with the tree” He is way too serious when he does it! It’s hard to keep going when he does that. Then when I do my 2-4 mile work out I always have either him or baby e with me, and she thinks we have to hold hands while doing it. That makes it so much harder! But she is convinced it’s the way to go.