Sunday, April 19, 2009

How are you influencing people?

Something was said to me that made me stop and think about how we influence others in our lives. When you think about it it can be a little intimidating! OK for me a lot intimidating! I know I am responsible for my kids, teaching them to grow and be good people, productive people, caring, loving people. I want them to be determined, hard working, service giving people, honest, humble, non judgmental. How do I teach them? With my own actions. They learn by everything they see me do, everything I say, everything I don't do and should. They learn from the people I associate with, everything. I expect that, to influence them in all I do. So I try hard to do whats right, far from perfect at it, but I try. I admit when I am wrong, or have made a mistake, or done something I should not. I apologize, I talk about forgiving, forgiveness in general. I try to show them the right way to express emotions, it does not always work and we have door slamming perfected in my house!
But how many others do I influence? What about you? How do we influence others? I have been thinking about it. I have found I influence others in everything I do, scary hu? Yes it is, to me at least. The realization that there is always someone watching what I do, say, think, actions, what I am reading, listening to, watching, where I go, how I look, clothing, make up, hair, you name it, someone sees it and it may be a small insignificant effect, but its still there. I know of a couple things in life that I have done that were big influences in others lives. I wont go into detail, they are personal experiences, things that happened with out my intending to, but that I was told of by the people involved later. I have learned by blogging, the blogs I read influence a lot of what I do, from cooking, food storage, arts n crafts, religious views, friends, service. I had not thought about my blog influencing others, but I guess it has. Scary. With that in mind I hope in my blogging I have set good examples, not complained to much, and been positive. I hope that if I have influenced through it it has been a good influence, and not something others would think bad of. I know there are a few regular readers, and from time to time I get an email from some one I know, and at times a stranger with some kind of comment on what I have written. Luckily so far its been nice comments, I hope to keep it that way.
But now as I think about it, how do I want to influence the readers of my blog? Influencing was not my intention when I started. I started to keep in touch with other home schooler, to record school activities, to keep in touch with family and friends. It has evolved, I have put Units for school on it, I have even sold some. I have a variety of things going into the blogs now. Our life, the good and bad, gardening, cooking, religion, schooling, holidays, its my journal of my life, of my kids, and a letter to those I love to let you all know how we are. Its a way to record my children as they grow and change. It is so many things. I don't set out to convert anyone, not in Church, politics, schooling, life style, or anything else. I just write what comes to mind. I hope That as people read they have good thoughts, I hope I have never influenced anyone in a negative way. I realize many read and its just something to read, no influencing, but some are influenced. I have had people ask more details on projects we have done at home so they can do them also. I think its fun when that happens. Although most of our fun projects I cant take all the credit for, I usually learn of them from another person, another blog, or something.
So now I think as I write in the back of my mind I'll be thinking of the influence what I say may or may not have. Scary thought for me. I hope when I do influence others its always positive. I don't know how often it happens, but even if 1 time its important to me that it be a good influence, not a negative one. I have had so many things happen in life that I have written about, I may go back and read some just to see what kind of influence I may have been, good or bad. 
So for those of you blogging, here or my space, face book, any other blog what do your words say? Are they putting out a good positive message? or is it negative? Is it neutral? Think about it as you write it. Once its out there in cyber land many people see it, you cant take it back, its there. People form opinions about you based off what they see, pictures and words. People may base a decision, or take action based on what you say and do. 
I know for me I try to think if its something I would say or do if Jesus were next to me. I know I can look at some things I do and say and I would do them different. 
Also I thought Do you let someone know when they influence you? Would you want to know if you had done something that influenced another person? What would be your reaction? I know my reaction.
From now on I will try to think of how I may influence another person in what I say and do. In real life and online. When I blog, write a letter or post on a board. I don't know about others but in my life the ones to influence me are the real people, not the famous people, actors, singers, but everyday people. Those that help when I need help, make suggestions when I have a dilemma, the ones I attend Church with, activities, home school organizations, and of course bloggers that I love to read!
So now I am gonna shut up cause I am just rambling on! hit that make no sense and say nothing important area! oh and just cause I have to here are pics of the flowers, well seeds planted yesterday. Along with a plant that's growing, pretty but I have no clue what it is. So if anyone knows PLEASE let me know! Its driving me crazy trying to figure it out!