Wednesday, April 29, 2009

howdy all!

SHHHHHH got a secret! The kids don't know it yet! But May 7Th is kids day at the K!! The program they are in for school purchased tickets for them! I had to pay for 1 ticket, they even paid parking! So Now I am trying to make sure I have gas money for the 4 1/2 hour trip there, watch the game and drive 4 1/2 hours home! UGHHHHHH what a drive that will be. I am not telling the kids in case something comes up that we cant. I see the pain specialist the 5th, so depending on what they do it could mess up the trip. It will be a long day driving there and then back after the game. The kids will have a blast though! I am a little excited myself!(not bout the drive time) I hope the doc can help my back some so we can make it!
Lets see what else we have happening........ Mom made up side down pineapple cake last night! She was making the cake part and went to get the flour and it was gone! somehow we went through 40 pounds with out realizing it. That's OK, I pulled out the grinder, and made some flour with the steel cut oats I have! Oatmeal flour is awesome! Never used it in cake before but it turned out awesome!!! I use it in my bread and cookies but nothing else. It was good. Kids did not notice it at all! Yesterday was her turn for dinner also! She made homemade bread/biscuits and a stew! It was yummy. We each take a turn to cook here. That way the kids all learn to cook. When they cook if they need help me or sometimes mom help.
Whoever cooks dinner is also responsible for lunch that day. And the kids help plan the menu, I figure if they are cooking it they should have some say in what they want to cook- unless its mac n cheese for the 10Th time!
Sunday is me
Monday is Loo
Tuesday Gma
Wednesday is Boo
Thursday is chubby/me
Friday is Bubba- I mean peekachu!
Saturday is Sir N
They can make a dessert also if they want. I help Chubby, Sir N and usually Loo.
It makes it less work for me. I don't have to work and then try to cook every day.
We are having some yucky weather, rain, chilly, more rain. Its making everything green up outside. I will take the camera out today- if it stops raining long enough, and take some pics of the flowers and bushes popping up all over! The grass needs mowed badly. I bought a new mower a while back, Damein and Boo put it together, it started up fine then but wont start now! I have no clue whats up. I am thinking maybe I need a sledgehammer! ok ok I wont(maybe) I did find it sitting outside the garage one day, it had been raining, I am wondering if the gas cap was on good enough or something along those lines. All I am positive of is I am frustrated! Brand new mower and it wont work! UGH I so do not want to learn to fix it! Especially when I have no clue whats broke. I looked at the papers with it, the only thing we have not tried is new gas in it. So we may be emptying that and adding new, see if it helps.
If we don't mow soon I'll loose the kids when they go outside to play!
Found a great deal on an air conditioner. Now I have to stretch the money to pay for it! Its used, but works. All I care about is works! So hopefully I can swing that.
Yesterday was med checks for kids. Sir N has a few ticks, we are trying to decide if he has tourettes also. I am not to worried, if he does he does, no biggie. Already have 1 kid that does. We are not using any meds to control the ticks right now. I see no reason to, if they get bad enough to interfere with his daily life, or he starts to be embarrassed over them then we will talk meds. But until he wants it we will skip it. I am going to be researching tic disorders, see what other kids there are. He does not have any vocal, he does not meet requirements for tourettes right now, but definitely has something happening.
So thats all for now I believe, unless I come up with something catchy to say later when I am bored and working!
Love ya'll