Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was a pretty good day! We woke up pretty early, younger kids first and drug the older kids out of bed.
I took lots of pictures of the kids and the baskets, and coloring eggs last night. As usual we took all the left
over dye and dumped it out on a towel this year(usually its a table clothe or sheet) We left it to sit in it
and dry. Unfortunaltley it rained and never dried, and the rain washed all the color out of the towel. 
So we wont have a pretty towel to keep as a reminder this year. But we tried. We did have fun coloring eggs.
I bought 2 kinds, 1 regular and the other had glitter. So we dyed the eggs and then glittered them up, 
well some of them. It was fun. Baby E had more dye on her hands than the eggs did! And you can tell pink is 
her favorite color. Most of the eggs she colored were pink. It was cute.
Easter morning brought lots of candy! The kids each got a picture of either Jesus, a Temple or something along
those lines. They also got some coloring sheets, and word searches and stuff. All Easter/Christ centered.
Then there was the candy, chocolate, jelly beans and all that good stuff. We had planned on a BBQ. It rained
almost all day. We still had the BBQ, but we were inside for the day. We had Turkey mignon, hamburgers,
hot dogs, potatoe salad and maccaroni salad. It was good stuff! Everyone is worn out and lounging now.
The kids are all either watching TV, playig on computer or writing/coloring a letter for L for his b day tomorrow.
He will get them late but its better than not at all. I ran out of stamps and kept forgetting to get more.
We had a good day, relaxing and just enjoyed spending it together. I wish more days were that easy going.
This next week is a busy one. I'll be getting another injection in my right hip. Its the last of 3. The last
one helped so much for a while. It was amazing. I hope this next one helps more and longer. I liked
being pain fee- at least in the hip for a while.
OH and my van is paid off!!!! Last payment paid! I am so relieved! No more stressing over getting the month payment in.
I think thats about it at the moment. We have been busy. I am working, kids are doing good in school.
We are ready for summer to be here, but not done yet. As soon as the kids get this school years work done
they get at least a month off! I am looking forward to getting the garden planted. And flowers planted.
We have most of the seeds we need and want already, have a few left to buy but not many.
We bought some wild flower mix, marigold and sunflower seeds last week. I cant wait for our wacky weather to
straighten up and be spring! I want to plant flowers and food!
I am adding pics on this update. LOTS from Easter. I dyed my hair, its now black. Scared myself
this morning when I got up. I walked past the mirror in my room, it was sticking up all over, scared me!
It cracked me up when I realized it was me! My hair has never been black before. Its interesting.
I am not sure I like it.
Would love to hear from family. Fact is please email me your birthdays, and emails that I dont have. I am
trying to make sure I have all birthdays, nieces, nephews, all of them. I dont have most. I would also like
emails for them if possible so I can write once in a while. So if you cant send me the email please pass mine
on to them and tell them to write me so I can write them!
Hope Easter was awesome for every one!
and stay tuned this week we have a new treat we will be trying to make, I plan on pictures. It sounds
messy and fun! Gooey and tasty. Probably put the inches I have taken off right back on me!