Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes its Easter weekend! I love Easter! It seems to me to signal the start of spring, new growth, birth, life, so many good things! We try very hard to focus on the Spiritual part of Easter. But the bunny comes also! We will be decorating Easter Eggs tomorrow!! In the past the Bunny has come on Friday night, leaving Sunday to remember why we Celebrate Easter, making it easier to get to Church with out all the candy. But this year Easter has snuck up on me, until last week end I did not realize this weekend is Easter. So the bunny will come Saturday night. We will decorate eggs tomorrow night, read from the scriptures about the resurection and talk about it. Sunday we have Stake Conference! Hopefully the low fever Chubby has been running goes away by then so we can go. We will probably BBQ Sunday night for dinner, after Church. We will hide eggs and just spend time as a family! We will miss family thats not here with us and think of them! 
I love to look outside and see the grass turning green, the flowers starting to grow and bloom. I have little purple flowers all over my yard! The rose bush is greening up, and other bushes and trees are turning green and getting blossoms on them! I have flowers popping up all over! Its kinda cool, I did not plant these they are from the lady who lived here before. I dont know what will pop up, or where the flowers will pop up, but they are popping up all over! We picked up some seeds the other day for flowers, wild flowers, sun flowers and marigolds. We will sprinkle them around hopefully this next week. Depends on our wacky weather. Everytime I have thought spring is here, time to plant it gets cold! So I keep waiting. Hope it stays warm now. 
The kids are all doing good in school. I think they are ready for a break. But they have more to go to be done. I think we will try to wrap up early enough in the summer to take at least a month off. Sir N has been working his butt off trying to get his done! He is doing awesome! They all are.
I cant believe its already April. Last month was my anniversary, 16 years. It does not seem like it, especially since he has not been here for the last few years, living and being mainly single it does not feel like the last couple anniversaries are real. This month on the 22nd will be 9 years since our sealing! It means absolutly nothing as ffar as L goes, but for the kids and I, we are still sealed, and I plan on keeping it that way! So I think we will celebrate on the 22nd. I dont know how, nothing fancy, something simple. I'll probably surprise the kids with something. April makes me think of many things. For some reason it feels like the start of a new year to me, its not, but maybe because its the beginning of so much new growth it strikes me that way. I cant wait to get the garden planted, and watch it grow. 
I was thinking today about Something I was told after L's arrest. I think because of the sealing date coming up its on my mind a lot. But when everything first happened I remember the uncertainty I felt, not knowing where it left me and the kids, and when President C came over and brought it up. He let us know the kids and I were still sealed, it did nothing to that, what a relief it was. I dont think I will ever forget that day, to know that as long as I live the way I should, and my children we are still an eternal family. What a relief!
Oh and guess what else happened this month??? can ya guess? Bet you did not!
MY VAN IS PAID FOR!!!! Yes I sent the last payment in this month!!!!!!!!!  It was so hard to get it paid for, many months I was unsure it would happen, I had help with some payments, and some I managed on my own. The final one I did myself! It is such a big relief! I am so grateful to President C for helping me get it, with out him I would either be driving the junker I had and breaking down everytime I turned around or vehicless. I think with out is more than likely the case cause that van was dieing fast!
I have been working more on the cellar, still no new pics yet. I'll get to that soon. But for now I am heading to bed. I have a long day tomorrow, have to get the Easter stuff, decorate the eggs and all that stuff!
Happy Easter to you all! Remember why we celebrate, and enjoy your families!
      the Huffins!