Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BI-POLAR quizzz!

found this and  love it  it can be found here
This site is informative and funny at the same time! I think I'll be purchasing a few shirts, mugs and who know what else

Are You Bi-Polar?

Take our humorous quiz to find out. Note: this quiz has no medicinal or psychological value whatsoever. We're Bi-Polar, not doctors.

1. Have you ever taken any medication with alcohol?
2. Do you like blue cars?
3. When considering heights, does the thought of jumping / flying come into play?
4. Do you have bad credit?
5. When contemplating seeing a psychiatrist, do you consider yourself an experiment?
6. Do you shuffle your feet?
7. Do you like blue cars?
8. Do you think "they're" crazy?
9. When you think about being 'normal', do you get depressed?
10. Do you drink in the morning?
Scoring: How'd you do?

Total the number of questions you answered yes to:
0-2 Check your pulse!
3-4 Close, but no cigar
5-8 yep, you're bi-polar
9-10 This isn't funny, get professional help immediately.