Friday, April 17, 2009

My week!

This week has been pretty uneventful. I have been working, kids doing school work. We went to the park yesterday, in the morning for a while. The kids played and I walked the walking trail around it, I walked 2 miles before heading home. I have been trying to either walk outside on days its nice enough(not many its been weird weather) or walk with my walking video inside. Its a walking work out, I like it. I can do 3-4 miles a day with it. I have also been trying to do Tai Chi every day. Usually in the morning. So between the Tai Chi and walking 3-4 miles a day I am loosing weight! and finally starting toget back in shape. Its not done much for pain level right now, but I hope it will eventually. I have come across TTapp and tried it. The first time I made it about 10 minutes, and had to stop. The bending over is horrid on my back. The 2nd try I lasted about 5 minutes. Maybe if I alternate and try a couple times a week eventually I'll manage. Until I can I'll keep with the walking and Tai Chi. I love to walk anyway, I would love to get back to being able to run. The Tai Chi is cool. It stretches my muscles and is relaxing. I like to do it. I am meditating at night, trying to sleep. My Adrenals have been outta wack again. The supplements the doc had me on have not been working to well, and so I went into the herbal store in town and talked to them. I picked up a new herb to try. Hope it works. Right now I'll be sitting there and suddenly have extrem fatigue, to the point of not even thinking clear or anything. I have to lay down when that happens. Its a pain.
I went to the doc today. Had the 3rd hip injection. The last one worked great for a couple weks, hopefully this one lasts longer! If I need to they can do another series. I would prefer not to though. So I am not doing anything tonight. My hip is throbbing from the shot. It should feel better tomorrow. I also went to the store and picked up a few things I needed to make a few more repairs on the house! I'll go into detail on that on  fixin as we go. I had to buy a new screw gun to take care of the porch awning and door upstairs. And a few other things, plus they are just easier to scre things in! My old one died. I just picked up a small Black n Decker, it plugs in instead of a battery that gets charged. I figured most of what I use it for is in the house where its easy to plug in, and if I do need to use it outside I have several LONG orange extension cords. 
I showed Boo where I want the garden this week. So now we just need to find a tiller to borrow, rent one or use a shovel! If we shovel its going to be a lot of work. I want a big garden. I have all my flower seeds I think. I still need a few more vegie and herb seeds to buy. I will be taking care of the door upstairs this week I think, and when I do that I'll be rearranging some shelfs and starting my seeds inside. I will be planting seeds in my smiley crock pot, maybe tomorrow, and I have an old milk jug that if I can get the lid off I am going to plant something in. I think straw flowers. I still dont know about the smiley crock pot. I have a bunch of pots to plant in. Some I am going to do container gardening and I think most of the herbs will go in them.I am going to do some potatoes in one, and possibly build a box to plant more in. I saw a thing about planting potatoes and stacking them to grow. It was cool. I love to play and find new ways so I am gonna try it I think. I want to grow some red potatoes and white. I need to go over my list of seeds again. We will be doing this sunflower project  So we will be watching for bees! I dont know if we will plant them in a container for the project or not. Probably will. We also bought other sunflower seeds to plant in another spot.  
We have a couple fun things coming up! We will be meeting some home schoolers! We are planning on meeting some at a park next week for Earth day! The kids are excited about that. We also have an activity to take them to on the 1st, and we plan on walking on May 2nd for Cystic Fibrosis. Or at least I hope to be up to the walk. Its in the plans. Hopefully I can manage it. I figure if I can do 3-4 miles a day for exercise I should be able to. I am trying to come up with another stroller to use though. I know my youngest 2 wont be able to walk it all.
So we have a few things planned to get out and meet new people. And I hope to be up to taking the kids to activities at Church. I have not felt up to it since the move. But I think I am getting back into the swing of things, at least I hope so.
Its been a little crazier here with me working again. Keeping up with everything is hard. I am glad the kids are in the program they are for school. If they were not I dont think I could keep up with it all. We are registered for the program next year. I added a few things to it for next year, music and art and they will continue another language. 
I do need to get more organized I think, and stick to it. I am terrible these days about the routine. It shows.
So thats about all I think. Dont forget to check in on fixin as we go soon to see whats new around the house. I'll be writing about new repairs, snapping more pics, and just posting about boring stuff that only I truly find interesting and worth while! But thats me!
Love and miss ya'll
drop me a note or something when you have time!