Saturday, March 7, 2009

organizing the bathroom & Chore boards!

Today has been a busy day! First Me and Bubba went out and had some one on one time! We went to the local Herb Store and I bought some Red Mandarin Essential oil. Wanted to try it out. I love citrus smells, I find they energize me and keep me alert. This was by Natures Sunshine and I have never used their oils, fact is until yesterday I did not even know they made them. I am not to sure I like the one I picked up, it smells like an orange pop sickle. I wanted a real orange smell not this. But oh well. I did smell a few others and they had good smells. The Ylang Ylang was awesome smelling. I don't know if I will try more or not. I talked to the lady there about a few things. One was Chubby and his bowel issues. Her and her husband do a few different types of natural medicines, touch healing, hypnotherapy and other stuff. She has offered to work with Chubby for a very low price. I am considering it. Poor kid is not improving from doctors. Something different needs to happen.
After that we went to Dollar General and wandered. Picked up a few things we needed for the house and went home. 
Tonight we put our baskets together for the bathroom. Each child has their own small basket. It holds their tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and razors. They are big enough to hold their most personal stuff. They wrote their names on them, and on the stuff to go in them, we beaded some craft wire and put on them. They each did theirs different. We then hung them in the bathroom. I put the older kids up higher and younger kids lower. We also have 2 closet organizers hanging in the bathroom. One is large, the other small. The larger has the towels, wash clothes and big stuff in it. The smaller one is my personal items, and small bathroom stuff.
The kids all got their own tooth paste and new tooth brushes, and deodorant. I hope they will like the baskets enough to not loose their tooth brushes with in 2 days!
The chore boards were fun to make. I took some of the boxes from out move and cut them. I glues to sides together and then wrapped them in wall paper. I wrote their names on them, one board per person. Then I took some velcro stickies and put on the board, 4 each. I then took the other side of the velcro sticky and put them on clothes pins. On a variety of color and size papers I wrote out the different chores. Daily and weekly. They are hung by my board with some blank papers so I can add or change things as I want. I stick them to the boards using the clothes pins with the velcro! I also have some of the yellow sticky stuff you can use to hang things. I hung a paper on Loos that's says "Birthday girl, 10 yrs old" Because Tuesday is her birthday! I made each board with room for me to put a little note on it for the kids. I thought it would be a nice way to give them a little extra I love you or recognize something they have done that I am proud of them for. They turned out better than I had expected and the kids are excited about the new way to keep track of chores. Now the white board will be used to write what we have going on for the day. I also have a larger white board I have not used yet. I am going to pull it out and write our basic daily schedule down. Hopefully it will remind us all good enough we stick to it and get everything done.
I also have a board up for me and Gma. The kids really liked that, they can see what we do during the day. Maye they wont think we do nothing. I also have another board that I am putting my most used recipes on. Its in the kitchen where its easily accessed. So that's been my day. I took pics of it all and some of the house. Its still not all unpacked and put together but its getting there! 
Tomorrow is Sunday, unfortunately I have 2 sick kids. I don't know if we will make it. Baby E and Chubby are both running fevers and coughing. I hope they feel better to go to Church. We missed last week due to me not feeling well. I really wanted to go this week. Nanna will be home tomorrow for a couple days. She will be here for Loo's Birthday on Tuesday! That has Loo happy.
Well its late. I have had a busy day, accomplished a lot and I am beat! Oh Boo made home made pizza for dinner tonight! He is so awesome! I love that he will go in and cook dinner, always good to. When I am tired and don't feel like it he is good about it.
Write and let me know what you think of the organizers and boards. They were so simple and fun to do!  Really got me thinking of the many things I can do with them!
have an awesome Sabbath day tomorrow.