Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my flower pot holders!

So I have loads of pots in the cellar! Most will end up full of flowers but I was wanting a cute way to hold the forks,kinfes and spoons. I saw some in a flower pot a while back and liked it. So I took 4 of them from downstairs, cleaned them up real good and set up the paints! I decided I wanted cute, inspirational and spiritual. Something to remind me of where I want my thoughts and actions to be. These are the end result! I spent all day painting them. It was fun to do. I also took an old crock pot that cant be used, painted the smiley face on it and will plant flowers in it. It will sit on the front porch. Ya I know leave it to me- plant flowers in kitchen stuff, put kitchen stuff in flower pots! I never do anything like it should be you know me! 
They turned out cute. Now I have to figure out where to sit them. I was thinking at the end of the counter in the kitchen, but its always got stuff all over it. The Dinning room table? ya right! Baby E would have a blast and we would never have clean forks and spoons! So for now they are on the stove. I will figure it out someday!