Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hello again!

Its been hectic here! We have a new hot water heater, a new stove was brought in today! I have not had to do anymore plumbing! We are still waiting on the plumber to come back and unclog the hot water in the tub. If he is not here tomorrow I will call him. Boo has a basket ball tournament this week. Starts tomorrow. I wont get to go to tomorrows game, I am getting my 2nd injection in my hip at the same time. But I will limp to Fridays game. Hopefully it wont be as painful as the last one was. This will be his last game so I really want to be there. I will take lots of pics and post them. 
We are almost all unpacked. I'll start snapping pics soon. Its an adjustment. We dont have as much room inside as we did before the move, but we have more room outside and it works. I am planning my garden. Have to find a way to till the spot though. I had to buy a lawn mower, and other things for the house, yard and school. So no $$ left for a tiller. So I am not sure how I am going to swing that. I am also wanting to save up some money to buy some chickens. I can put the chicks in the garage to keep them warm until they are big enough to go outside. It will be better than in the kitchen! 
The kids are back doing school work again! Thats good. Loo, and bubba have testing next week. Boo is doing testing also. 
We will be trying a new bread tomorrow! I got a cheap baking stone- $10.00 and cant wait to try it. Its here BREAD I cant wait to try it out! I have been looking forward to trying it for a while. I will mix it tomorrow before aI head out the door. Tomorrow is busy. I have to drop Boo off with the people taking him to his game, take nanna to the DMV, go grocery shopping before my doc app. Wont be up to it after! And then come home. I'll be taking bubba with me to help lift I think. We will put the big cooler in the van to keep stuff cold and frozen. This will be my big shop of the month, around $800.00 at once. 
The kids are all doing ok. We did notmake it to Church Sunday. I was not feeling good at all. And we did not make it to mutual tonoght. I am in to much pain. Hopefully after things settle down I will feel better. I think part of it is I have not been going to the Y to work out and swim. We live to far now for me to go every day. There is a local place. I am debating on going there. Its 35 a month, for me thats a lot. I really dont have it. But I also know the work out will keep helping the fibro improve. I need it for my health. But the $$ is hard to have every month. And its hard for me to justify spending money on myself every month. Plus I am worried about even having the money. Right now I really dont have it. I have talked to a few friends. I get differing opinions. Most have said do it, I need it. And I kinda agree, but well I always feel guilt over spending money on myself. So Iam trying to get over that. I would like to join and keep working out every day.
I dont know! UGH
So this is my short update. I'll take pics soon and post them
Would love to hear from friends and family
We love and miss you lots