Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little on school stuffs!

Kids are doing good in school. Bubba and Loo did their testing and scored well! I was happy and proud of them! 
Loo- Reading 81%         
Math= 62%

Bubba- Reading 82%
Math -67%
So both did good. Math a little low but they will bring it up easily. They are doing good. Marcan has done over 1 years History and Science already this year!!

Loo is doing good, although I think she is getting burned out on the computer. All their schooling is online.

Boo- Pulled him out of Kaplan. It was not working. As much as he wanted it to, I think the learning style was not his thing, plus there was a lot of pressure. He does not do pressure
So he is now in the program the others are in. I think he will do better in it. We will monitor him closely and make changes if needed.

Sir N- Doing good- Plugging along in his work! He is in a different program. He is using K12. There are some things I like and some I don't. He wants to use the program the others are in next year. We will see.

So it is that time of year, we are not done but I am thinking about next year. I had thought about pulling the kids from the program they are in. But think that's not for the best at this point. I do how ever think a little change needs to happen. I found out they can do a combo of what they are doing and K12. So I am thinking next year we may choose 2 subjects and they will use K12 for them. If we do I want them to all do the same 2. Keep it simpler for me. I am undecided on what 2. NOT MATH! I think there is way to much seat work in their math. Poor Sir N had 2 math books that are thick, he is 1st grade! I am looking at it. And was able to get a Demo account set up for K12. I am going to have them each play with that a little and see what I can decide. 
Over all they are doing good. Chubby is still not doing official school. He is still not ready. I work with him, he is getting closer to catching on but not there yet. Soon.
Baby E is awesome! She is good, playing and learning that way still! I am always amazed at how much they learn and absorb at such young ages! You don't have to sit down with work sheets to teach, talk, play, sing, dance, walk, look around, read,so many fun ways to learn! And the younger kids do it so well. They have not learned yet that "learning is boring" And in my house I hope, I try to teach them that its fun no matter how old or what your learning. I know some public school years ruined that for us- and some of the way society as a whole looks at and treats learning hurts it. But I want my kids to know learning can be fun, and there are so many ways to learn. You do not have to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day doing work sheets to learn! read a book- any book, bake, cook- following recipes is great for fractions, walk and talk, camp, look around. 
I am really thinking about the Family Herbalist course I have wanted to take for so many years. Its on sale right now! But its still $100.00. If I can manage it I am going to take it. Just need to find $100.00 extra somewhere. LOL funny thought there! I really think we could benefit from it. I think its worth the money, just having the $$. There is always something else I have to do. 
SO theres your update on kids and school!and probably more than you wanted to know about my opinion of learning! And I kept it short, sweet and kept most of my opinion to myself! I'll post that another time when I feel like annoying everyone!