Thursday, April 2, 2009

howdy all

So I am sure by now you have figured out we have something going on again. Your right! Hopefully its nothing that turns into a big deal, but just to keep snooping people more at a distance I had to make the blog private. 
We are doing good. The kids are still doing good at school. Nannaa is doing better on hers! She is home again. Will be for a while. I am working again, more hours. Thats good and bad. Good- we need the money, bad more pain and doc says no. But I cant make ends meet if I am not working. So I am working at West again. Better calls this time, and they now pay hourly instead of per call! YAHOO! We are having to change things around a bit because of it but I think we have a scheule that will work out. I hope.
Boo is wanting to get a job so bad its making him crazy. He wants to buy a 4 wheeler.  Progress on the house is good! Maranda and I have the cellar cleaned up! Still organizing. I'll be posting pics on soon. I'll snap some of the way it looks now, and then as we add shelves and food. It should look nice when done. 
Not much happening. We just doing school, work, house stuff. Did have a snow storm that was one heck of a storm! It bent my carport in the middle, so I get to climb up with a ladder and bend it back. Luckily its not to bad. I think the worst damage would be the snow plow that came through and dug up my yard and dumped a pile of dirt in my yard! In several spots! Not happy, but I think I am going to move the dirt to the garden area and use it, or fill the pots with it. Probably pots! 
Now we are looking at some rain coming. YUCK! My rose bush I cut all the dea off is looking much better. I'll snap some pics of it also. We have lots of pretty little purple flowere popping up all over. I cant remember what they are called. Going to get Loo on that one, she loves to look up flowers. We also have onion growing in the yard. I have decided that I am not going to dig up anywhere around the house to plant flowers this year. I want to see what pops up on its own. The lady who lived here loved flowers, they are all over. SO I want to see whats there before I plant more and accidentaly kill something pretty. 
The kids are making friends across the street with the kids. The lady runs a day care. She is a nice person. Her husband seems nice also. 
So thats about all for now. I'll be updating with pics, and on progress of house soon.
Love to hear back from ya'll, either email or a comment