Saturday, March 28, 2009

Raviolies?? Ya well they started out that way

I had not made pasta- home made pasta for a long time. Feeling a little more like getting back to my normal cooking these days so I decided we were making home made raviolis! Cheese raviolis! So I put the stuff in pasta maker- and turn it on- it goes! and stops after oh maybe 20 seconds. We repeat this process till I am totally ticked! SO I set up the food processor with the dough mixers and go that route. Mix it all up. I decide the kids are going to want to help, why not make them cute raviolis! I pull out the larger cookie cutters, a heart, circle, octagon, and house shape. This should be fun right? 

Have Nanna mix up the cheese filling for me. I roll out the dough and kids go to town! cutting shapes, we fill with a spoon, pinch edges together to seal it up. So after doing this for what seems like forever- really was not to long but when you have a 3,5,7 and 10 year old helping time stretches! Now don't get me wrong it was fun. They were having fun and adorable. Chubby laughs and says "I am awesome chef! HAHAHA!" It was great. made me laugh hard.

So first batch cooks! HMM some of the filling leaked out it seems, oh well, not a biggie.

So me and nanna think on new idea for rest, kids have mostly lost interest, not totally but they are ready to try a new method also. So I roll out a LARGE piece of dough, use pizza cutter and make a slice. I fill it every little ways, fold over and cut, pinch edges and cook. Even more filling runs out, but still taste yummy. 

Well by now I am bored, hungry and want to be done. Nanna says why don't we just spread the cheese over 1/2 the dough, fold it over, cut it, pinch it and call it good. Hey that sounds good! So we dump and spread! fold, and hm may not work but lets give it a try. I slice into squares. But they are all so full there is no edged to pinch any of them shut! lol so we squish them together as good as possible, loosing filling in the process. What started out looking like cute little raviolis now looks like a mushy mess of gooey dough covered in slimy cheese!

But I figure in the end it gets chewed and looks yucky anyway so hey we can start out looking yucky! Don't mean it tastes gross right? Into the boiling water they go! We loose more cheese filling! drain when done and put into a bowl. Now a lot of the cheese filling at this point leaked out into the water and kinda made its own sauce. Some of it was put in the pasta ( I say pasta because I am not sure they qualify as raviolis, raviolis are supposed to have filling, this does not for the most part!)

I make the Alfredo sauce, pout it over, mix it up and we eat. Amazingly enough they turned out good! Not as many lost their filling as we thought. and it was good. Here is the recipe

Pasta dough- this is from my friend Dulie- I doubled it 

Basic pasta

 4  eggs

1 tbsp water

3-1/2 cups flour, you can sift it, seems to make mixing time easier for me.

1/2 tsp salt

I added onion powder- no measurement just dumped, and garlic powder, just dumped. I used a lot, the dough tasted like garlic and onion It was good 

This is where I change the recipe some, I add all ingredients and mix, as it needed more moisture I used milk until it was moist as I wanted. Dulie uses water


Cheese filling

1 container cottage cheese

cheddar cheese                                                                                            I mix them together, this is kind of an eye ball it thing. You can use whatever cheese you want, mix it up and call it good. My kids love this mix

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alfredo sauce

1 package cream cheese

1 cube real butter

melt, mixing a lot, it wont really melt just get all gloppy

add bottle of shredded mozzarella/Romano cheese (one or both)is- this is where it melts. 

Add milk enough to make consistency you want. It can be thick or thin, your choice  . This stuff is good Pour over pasta